The true Xiaomi Airpods close to coming true ┬╗ERdC

The true Xiaomi Airpods close to coming true ┬╗ERdC

The Airpods are wireless headphones with a charging base in which we can carry them in the pocket while charging, These headphones were released by Apple in early 2017, Y still selling a price of 180 euros, a very high price but since the company of Cupertino launched them, there are a lot of copies for even less than 10 euros, that I personally have one of these copies and I've been really surprised anyway if I wantedI can comment on my experience with them. down on the comments. Well let's get back to the topic, at the beginning of the month, we talk about the new and supposed Xiaomi Airpods headphones but really many of us There were some details that did not seem to be able to compete with them for details such as the microUSB connection, there was no noise cancellation … Now one Filtration during the FCC reveals images and patents.

My True Wireless Earphones

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These devices receive this name instead of the Airdots, which, as we have said before, they were the ones we createdxiaomi_mi-true-wireless-earphones-7 "width =" 300 "height =" 139 "srcset =" -300x139.jpg 300w, 1024w, /uploads/2018/11/xiaomi_mi-true-wireless-earphones-7-600x278.jpg 600w, 280x130.jpg 280w, 1170w "sizes =" (max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px " /> At first they were going to compete, but it wasn't like that.</strong> Now Xiaomi will be preparing some<strong> headphones with active noise cancellation, and a box with a USB Type-C connector,</strong> and according to these characteristics we will be before <strong>high end headphones</strong> Even according to this<strong>Information that has already been deleted</strong>, we can say<strong> everything that will be included in the box</strong>. As for the size they are much larger than the Airdots in addition to having a<strong> <img  class=SHARE THE NEWS WITH YOUR FRIENDS:

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