The best new games and apps for Android (August 2019)

The best new games and apps for Android (August 2019)

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If you are looking new apps and games To try this weekend, you've come to the right place. As we have done on Fridays of each week during the last months, once again we go in search of the best news that have landed on Google Play in the last few days.

Every week, we will select the three best new applications, and the three games just arrived more entertaining or that we liked the most.

Best games and new apps of the week of August 12



Despite the improvements made by Google in recent years, Google Pay continues to be behind alternatives such as Apple Pay in some aspects, know the possibility of importing passes and loyalty cards. Luckily, the people of Develooment Colors have created Pass2Pay, a useful tool that allows add any type of pass, entry or card to Google Play in pkpass formats or from a PDF file, and even capturing the data through the mobile camera.

The app has a careful design based on Material Design lines, and among other things it offers a dark theme for the interface. It can be downloaded totally free, although it includes some other ad that may be possible to eliminate through a purchase within the application.


Creating videos with cinematic effects using only your mobile is possible, and PZPIC It makes it easier for you. This great application allows generate video clips from a single image, using the so-called "Ken Burns effect" which consists of adding pan and zoom effects automatically.

You just have to select the image, and mark the points of the photo for which you want the movement to take place. It will also be possible to add music, and finally export the video in MP4 format to share it.


The best new games and apps for Android this week

The best new games and apps for Android this week

Have you ever stopped to think about all the water that is wasted every time you take a shower? Showerly is an app that aims to raise awareness about the water consumed during a bath depending on its duration, including alerts to avoid spending more time than necessary, daily, weekly and monthly statistics and much more.


Five Nights At Freddy’s 6: Pizzeria Simulator

After a wait of almost three years, the last title of the Five Nights At Freddy’s series has landed on Android. In Pizzeria Simulator we must maintain our own franchise of the Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria restaurant, making decisions regarding equipment and management, and of course avoiding that the animatrics reach us when night falls.


Chessplode is modernized chess. The developer Juanma Altamirano, creator of another title that in his day we already chose as one of the best games of the moment, DueLito, offers us a fun way to stop seeing chess as a classic and boring game, and turn it into a more experience Modern, extreme and fun: when capturing a piece, all of its line will explode and disappear.