Los 8 productos de Xiaomi más prácticos que puedes comprar

The 8 most practical Xiaomi products you can buy

Xiaomi has many products in the market, being mainly mobile phones which has led them to be known in practically everyone. But today we are going to talk about other products that the Chinese march has in the market and that few know.

Highlight that in this compilation We have selected the most sold products on the one hand, and on the other hand those who We have found them more interesting or better value for money. It should also be borne in mind that many of these products can only be purchased on the Chinese import websites that almost all of us already know.

Xiaomi's electric scooter

Other times We have talked about some electric scooters that we have available in the market, and Xiaomi has several electric scooters in the market, specifically three and we will recommend one that improves in some aspects to its base model, the Mijia M365. The QiCycle EUNI es808 improves your design, adding some small wheels to move it once closed as a suitcase and also adds real-time data on the screen.

Its top speed is up to 20 km / h, somewhat less than the 25 km / h of the Mijia M365, but its battery charges in 2-3 hours, being now much faster to load. The autonomous according to the brand is a bit smaller, staying in 25 km, although the capacity of the battery is the same as the Mjia M365, maybe its LCD screen which makes it last less kilometers. We remind you that there is a superior model of the brand, which has more top speed and autonomous, but also more expensive.

A Xiaomi doorbell with night vision

One of Xiaomi's most interesting home products It is your doorbell with night vision. This bell has the capacity using infrared to see at night and recognize the caller by artificial intelligence. Also can record video and save it in the cloud. This bell has a price that is around 50 euros in China And it is the perfect accessory for your home.

Xiaomi real-time language translator

Another product that was talked about a lot after its launch was the real-time language translator. This translator allows you to translate up to 14 languages ​​in real time with the Microsoft Translator database, and has artificial intelligence to learn translation habits and colloquial phrases. The languages ​​it supports are Spanish, Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Finnish and Swedish. We can also translate texts into images with Google Translator.

The design of this translator is aluminum and has an autonomy of up to 8 hours of translation, Its price It is around 30-40 euros and also serves as a player and calculator.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Little can we say about the new Xiaomi bracelet, the Mi Band 4 It is possibly the most sold bracelet right now, it brings new OLED color screen and with the possibility of changing your wallpapers Downloading them from the Internet. Up to 20 days of autonomy and a large community behind make this smartband the most complete option right now. You can measure your sleep and pulse continuously in training, measure our swimming movements thanks to a gyroscope and its application is very complete with the data it records.

The Xiaomi Mi Vacumm 1S vacuum

The world of robot vacuum cleaners is also very well occupied by Xiaomi, they have the cheapest model on the market with laser measurement and the renewal of their first model, the Xiaomi Vaccum 1S, which is perfect for you to start thinking about buying it. This robot is able to recognize rooms and mark them in the application, you can tell him that you want him to clean and tells you about the areas for which he has cleaned and for which he has not. It has a lot of sucking force, with a minimum of 2,000 PA and with a huge battery that offers you Up to 3 hours of cleaning.