Sony Xperia 1: Is this elongated cell phone worth it? - Video

Sony Xperia 1: Is this elongated cell phone worth it? – Video

Cell phones are becoming more boring and look more alike, but they are just expo that offer something different.
Mainly with the screen higher than normal.
Just look at it compared to the galaxy S light god and also in a Juan place to proceed with those who are big and that is not even the Sony phone fits as is customary in a pocket.
That's why I'm one company that generates enough attraction for you to think about this phone before you buy a Samsung phone or an iPhone or at least consider it at the same time.
He really has this phone enough to consider them on these occasions.
Generation after generation Sony tries to offer unique things or difference now its phones such as its resistance to water its screen four each high fidelity sound and also slow motion recordings at nine hundred and sixty photographers per second.
In one way or another, these characteristics are present in the former ones, but it also brings some novelties.
It is worthwhile to make it clear that these novelties were characteristic the difference now that the company previously integrated their devices are also present also the phone as they are Samsung in chairs there are.
The main novelty of Sony studies one comes to your screen a ticket screen four each corner with the aspect ratio of twenty-one by nine.
In a market of generally the most modern phones or competitors that the aspect ratio eighteen eighteen points five by nine.
This makes this phone six points five inches feel good in the hand despite being really big the main benefit of this screen is to watch videos but especially watch movies since most movies are taxed with that aspect ratio.
The bad thing is that the cell phones have the largest number of videos that we see that are located on YouTube.
A platform that is not optimized for your aspect ratio.
In this way we have the same traditional black bars on the sides or the top and bottom depending on the devices you use this occasion will be more on the side edges.
However, it is true that you can make your accounts using YouTube but record contamination of some of the content of what is right.
In spite of this, the movies on netflix and Amazon sold work as you would expect covering the entire screen and it is certainly a pleasure to use or at least have been content.
Although the phone feels in one hand you will often need to use the other hand also mainly to control the upper part of the screen.
Fortunately Sony also integrates different functions to allow you to control it more easily by just double tapping the home button you can in small be the screen.
In addition to Carlos, in addition to this, the company also integrates what is called the site front.
That basically loyal with bumps to the side edge is somehow supposed to work.
And behind some jobs but I know mainly about problems that this function has.
That does not always work plans that even in that lateral order was also the discarded fingers to decrease the screen with two applications.
However, this function also does not work as a theme in terms of design, this phone has a quite spectacular shape something that we have seen many Sony phones the rear and front glass and its metal frame offers resistance.
This phone is also quite slippery and as it does not fit in the pockets, it can easily slip and fall even to Mills in the case considered that the Sony phone with better design has been on this trip that was released that was there be them.
Smaller will be a bit odd is that all phone buttons are located on the right side edge including your fingerprint reader.
This makes lefties a little harder to control with one hand.
And if the right kidnapping cassava more easily alike there are many integrated buttons the button for the camera also the power button the volume bar and also is the fingerprint reader.
As if the fingerprint reader was not integrated directly into the power button, I have no idea but I think it is more practical.
Elector I will work well the waterproof cell phone with the certification and sixty-eight has a Usina a card slot my procedure can be accessed without need a tool like all kinds in which we have seen damage.
And it runs before falcon practically curated interface before its unfair to use the studio to the first Sony cell phone with three rear beds a regular wide angle and one of the photo Fraser we are rich here.
No doubt this combination of seal by offering more versatility to take photos.
These cameras also in the technology to follow up on the eyes called there are groups mainly to achieve more precise focus on people is a function and technology that the company used in its excellent professional cameras as if that were not enough are integrated a so-called cinema pro which allows you to record video as if it were the cell phone practically a professional camera. Which is very outstanding.
As for the quality of the photos in express to one it offered good results but it reaches the same level of the ex in three nor in many occasions what you achieve with the galaxy is enjoyed.
What is really surprising is that although it does not have a night mode in low-light situations, it will produce good results with great detail and good lighting.
As for the specifications, the studio still does not have what you will imagine and with this it offers excellent performance offering great fluidity throughout the entire interface and everything you are doing a device.
The bad thing that battery life despite the fact that it can last a whole working day is below what most of its competitors offer.
On the other hand, the ex of some can not be charged wirelessly despite having a rear glass and does not have a traditional headphone jack.
The good thing is that in the house you get untied to connect traditional headphones and the company is also giving away or including in the house an envelope.
General at Sony studies one is a good cell phone that differs by some features. I do not consider that this justifies for the majority of users and with a price nine hundred and fifty dollars it is difficult to recommend unless you are a very fan of Sony.
The good thing is in the resale the company was giving away my favorite headphones with noise cancellation the WH thousand X plus three that have a suggested price of three hundred and fifty hours which makes it much more attractive.
That said, do not consider that you see one becomes a phone that many people think Sony when buying a cell phone and much less buy it before buying or consider a Samsung phone with an iPod.
That said it is an interesting phone is good that Sony is trying new things but not enough.