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PS5 vs Xbox Scarlett, according to some PS5 developers being more powerful

PS5 vs Xbox Scarlett, according to some PS5 developers being more powerful

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If things progress as planned in 2020 we will have new generations of the two main consoles that dominate the heart of the gamers right now: PlayStation and Xbox.

These new consoles will be based on AMD technologies and equipped with new SSDs. At the moment little is known about the new generation of consoles. However, it seems that, at least from the hardware point of view, Sony can offer a more powerful solution than its direct competitor … and this is not what we say.

Who says that is Colin Moriarty, a former editor of the North American IGN, who claimed to have talked with some developers about the matter. According to him, the general impressions of those who already moved with the development kits of the new platforms will indicate that the PS5 be more powerful than the mysterious Xbox Scarlett.

We must point out that the specifications of development kits They are usually different from the final specifications that reach the stores, but they are good indications to know how powerful these two consoles can be at the hardware level.

It is not the first time that opinions are heard that Sony's console will be the most powerful than its eternal rival. We will have to wait to really know how powerful each of these platforms is. Although in the end it is not so much what prevails when it comes to getting the favor of the users, but the catalog of games that each of them can offer. And in this sense, what is important is the economic power of companies to obtain exclusive titles.

Source: WFFCTech

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