Parchs Star, you won't need a board or people to play anymore

Parchs Star, you won't need a board or people to play anymore

The famous board game that we have all played for sure is also available for your mobile in case you feel like playing and you have no board.

There are many games and many types on Google Play. Titles from the most precious ones where history prevails to other rapids to hang out. But the type of game we show you today is for the nostalgic. Why? Because we talk about already more than known parcheesi.

This game has surely passed by your table at a meeting with friends or a family meal. A game very simple, fun, fun and that he is able to keep a good amount of people entertained. Well, if you feel like playing and you don't have a board, you can opt for a tablet or mobile phone with this game.

The patch of life but on Android

For those who do not know this game, I doubt there are many, it is a game where you have to bring four chips to the center of the board. Along the way you can eliminate your rivals and advance more boxes. You win when all your chips are in the center.

Parcheesi Star It is a version of the mythical board game adapted to the times. It will be on a screen where you have both the chips and the dice that you will have to roll to advance between the boxes eliminating your rivals.

A game focused on online but with the possibility of playing local

This game is focused on playing online even if I allow you too play locally with friends. If you want to play against others you can play 1v1, in team and 4 players. They can play up 4 people in local (4 colors). Of course, you can play in pairs for each color and multiply by two the number of players in a game. To say that you do not have to go past the mobile, if you all download it you can create a room and play each one from your smartphone.

Free, yes, but with purchases inside

Is gratuitous, yes, but you also have purchases within the application to acquire gems. With these you can do changes in a dice roll For example, if you don't like the result that came out or you're about to win a game. Of course, these gems can also be obtained for free.

The game is mostly a touch parchis board for your mobile. It also has chat to talk with the rest of your rivals. An ideal game to hang out. Of course, do not be angry if the number you want is not fair, because when you roll a dice, every face has the same probability!