Features of this small external battery

Features of this small external battery

The external batteries They are one of the most useful accessories that exist today when you leave home, because thanks to them you can avoid having problems using mobile phones, tablets and even smart bracelets. If you think you have seen everything in this type of product, Zendure SuperMini It will prove that it is not so.

What most attracts the attention of this device are its small dimensions. These are situated in 7.87 x 5.59 x 2.54 cm. That is to say, it occupies more or less what a credit card (the thickness is bigger, logically) and this allows to carry it without problems in a backpack and even in the pocket of the pants. By the way, that the weight is also very attractive, since this device stays in only 180 grams. This, without a doubt, makes Zendure SuperMini one of the smallest and lightest models on the market with the load it offers – which we will talk about later.

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Another option that is striking in this external battery is its finish. This is metallic which provides a striking finish, but also includes a system of protection under this one that ensures that falls or sudden movements do not jeopardize the data that is stored. In what has to do with colors, there are three options in which you can get the accessory: white, blue and black. A very attractive product, really, and that does not lack a button on the case that allows to know the state of charge which has thanks to some small LEDs integrated.

Zendure SuperMini battery design

A good recharge capacity in Zendure SuperMini

This is because the amperage offered inside is of 10,000 mAh, a rather surprising brand due to the dimensions we have mentioned before – which means that the miniaturization work is really good. The case is that this external battery is able to fill the battery of one of the new iPhone up to almost three times (more or less the same brand in the Samsung Galaxy) and, even, it is possible to use this accessory with a Nintendo Switch on more than one occasion. They are excellent brands.

Another detail that is always reviewed in an external battery is the connectivity it offers, and here Zendure SuperMini does not disappoint, much less. There are two outputs offered: one USB type C and other type A, so the compatibility with almost all the devices that are connected is total. If you wonder about the time it takes to refill the integrated battery, this is about three hours, which is not bad. And the output power is good, it reaches 18 W, so it is possible spend 0 to 50% on a Samsung Galaxy S10 in half an hour.

Availability and price of Zendure SuperMini

This device is under financing in Indiegogo with a price of 30 euros in exchange, so it is not exactly expensive. Once it goes on sale in stores, something that has been reported to occur, the cost will increase to 71 euros. Without a doubt, one of those options that worth considering to always carry a lifeguard in what has to do with the battery charge of mobile devices.

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