Aliexpress open its first physical store in Spain!

Aliexpress open its first physical store in Spain!


Translate our secret code, guess what will happen VERY SOON … and get a Xiaomi Mi Band 4! We raffle one among all those who leave a comment in this post with the translation of this code … (it’s easier than it seems!) # Muyfandealiexpress

– AliExpress Spain (@AliExpressES) August 19, 2019

And, if we translate the code of this little puzzle, we get the phrase “We opened a physical store in Madrid Xanad”, That is the shopping center where the company will open its first store, although at the moment we do not know the opening date of it.

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This may be the beginning of an expansion process by the company, that may want to attract users who still don’t fan of asking for more expensive products as smartphones or tablets due to the belief that they have no guarantee. Without a doubt, this release is a bombshell.

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