5 tricks to type faster with your Android keyboard

5 tricks to type faster with your Android keyboard

Finding a good Android keyboard that suits your needs is not quite a problem, in Google Play you can choose from dozens of different options. To make your homework easier, We recommend the 7 best keyboards for Android that you can install.

As good as the keyboard is, you may not know how to write as fast as you like. Don't worry because you can learn to type more quickly without implying doing it wrong. Attentive, here are several tricks to save time writing faster.

5 tricks to type faster with your Android keyboard

Use predictive text and autocorrect

Most keyboards for Android include two key functions at this point: predictive text and autocorrector. First, the predictive text is responsible for predicting what word you want to write as you click on the letters. So, you just have to select the correct word among the possibilities that the keyboard offers you So that it is written.

This way, you can form whole sentences much faster. From Settings> General Administration> Language and Text Input> On-screen keyboard, you can enter the keyboard you use, click on Smart Writing and enable predictive text. From that same menu you can also configure the automatic scores and punctuation.

Samsung keyboard predictive text

In addition, you will also gain a lot of time if you allow the keyboard itself automatically corrects the words you type. That is the function of the autocorrector, which you can enable from the same menu that we talked about previously under the name Automatic corrector.

Use voice dictation

Although it is a somewhat unknown option, most keyboards for Android have voice dictation. As its name indicates, you just have to talk so that the app recognizes your words and converts them into text on the keyboard. In addition to the convenience that this function brings, it also allows you to increase the speed at which you write and package messages.

From the settings of your keyboard you can activate this interesting function to use it whenever you want. For you to recognize it, you must know that Voice dictation usually appears with the icon of a microphone, near the space bar, and sometimes share a button with a punctuation mark. To display the voice dictation, you must press the button for a few seconds.

Write by sliding your finger

One of the best features you can discover is the one that allows you to type by sliding your finger on your Android keyboard. Its use cannot be easier: you just have to run your finger through each of the letters or punctuation marks in the sentence that you want to form, without getting up from the screen.

When you're done, the words will appear in the text bar ready to send. This function appears. with the name "Writing by sliding your finger" on Gboard and "Flow" on SwiftKey. If you do not use any of these two keyboards, go to settings and look for gesture writing, it is very possible that you are among its options.

Resort to shortcuts

Some keyboards for Android like Gboard, the Google tool, offer you the possibility of add shortcuts to write faster. In this way, telling the keyboard what abbreviations, acronyms or any group of letters mean to you, Gboard will show it to you as a suggestion.

When you open the keyboard app, go to Dictionary> Personal Dictionary> Spanish and click on the “+” button to start adding your shortcuts. For example, in the first bar you can enter “Why?” and in the abbreviated form “xq”. From that moment, Gboard understand the first thing every time you write the abbreviation.

Configure the settings to make the most of them

Each keyboard for Android, including the one you have installed, has a section of settings that you can use to adapt it to your tastes and needs. Enter it and analyze well all the options you have: show the row of numbers in the top bar, the height of the keyboard, activate the mode with one hand, enlarge the letter by pressing the key, etc.

Adjusting the functions to your preferences, achieve turn the keyboard into a tool that makes it easier for you to type quickly. In addition, using the functions we have discussed in the previous points, you will have everything in your favor to gain speed when using the keyboard.