Xiaomi studies the possibility of launching its own platform of films and series ┬╗ERdC

Xiaomi studies the possibility of launching its own platform of films and series ┬╗ERdC

Xiaomi studies the possibility of launching its own platform of films and series

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Xiaomi, as we always say from here, it is a company to which We can ask for any product / service. Since he has repeatedly demonstrated the capacity which has the Chinese signature, to develop and launch similar services to other well known but this being its own and independent one. Since it has some own services like the cloud … Now the Asian firm seeks to compete with the great multimedia services and entertainment like They are Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. Although the former is not fully used in the US, there is a rivalry between them. Xiaomi is a company that has spread to many markets, among them india and in this it has become one of the most important smartphone companies.

New services

India is a market in which there is a lot of rivalry in the telephone world since OnePlus one of the best selling firms. Being a expanding market and very large these companies are looking for expand your services trying to reach maximum possible users. let's remember Xiaomi is also developing its own payment systems so it seeks to expand globally in more services. One of the company's executives said that in 2018, they barely had a 1% profit margin on Smartphones and hardware, so the Business be in streaming services. So the firm sees this type of streaming services with good eyes to be able to make a bigger profit. An We don't know if this service will finally be launched and if it will be done globally.

What is clear is that The firm seeks to create services that users use, and that logically report a higher economic benefit than smartphones. Although it should also be noted that one of the executives said that their products will stop being so cheap, although it totally breaks with the news that we have known recently, with the future release of their own car, although this belongs to the Redmi sub-brand. Another issue is that if the Xiaomi launches quality series, with the global streaming service andThe entertainment world will get very interesting. Since as we have said Xiaomi is not a firm that has high prices on its products, but just the opposite … Now we just have to wait and see how he manages to persuade us to use the new multimedia service.

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