The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 will be announced on June 11 ┬╗ERdC

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 will be announced on June 11 ┬╗ERdC

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 will be announced on June 11

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The Mi Band series is one of the most important products of those available Xiaomi in your catalog Thanks to these quantifying wristbands or smartbands, Xiaomi has also established itself as one of the leading brands in terms of clothing or wereables. Now, the company is working on the fourth generation of the series under the name of Xiaomi Mi Band 4.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 confirmed for June 11

Xiaomi has programmed a launch event in China on June 11, but he has not revealed what he plans to launch. Later, the company revealed that it plans to launch something related to Mi TV and new smart products.

Today, the company has confirmed that launch the Smartband Mi Band 4 at the June 11 launch event in China. The company's official Weibo account reveals that the next-generation smart bracelet will come with more features, longer battery life and aggressive pricing.

Characteristics of the quantifying bracelet

From the Mi Band 4 we know several of its characteristics and changes thanks to the leaks. One of the main changes in the Mi Band 4 is the color screen, which replaces the black and white screen that was used in the previous generation models. In addition, the company also integrate smart voice assistant, XiaoAI, in this new Mi Band. We will have to see how they manage in a future international version with the subject of the voice assistant. If you add compatibility with Google Assistant it will be a great improvement. Remember that this generation arrive with a microphone to execute voice commands which will facilitate us to perform actions without having to touch the smartphone. This will be very useful during sports activities.

To compensate for the higher energy expenditure of a color screen, The Mi Band 4 will be powered by a 135mAh battery instead of 110mAh in the Mi Band 3. The new device come with Bluetooth 5.0 for better connectivity on multiple devices, which is a significant improvement over the Mi Band 3 that uses Bluetooth 4.2. This augurs a lower energy consumption so the autonomous will remain, or even increase.

It is also expected to arrive with a Improved system of "Cardiac rhythm monitoring". Reports indicate that the Mi Band 4 come in two different versions, one with the model number NFC XMSH08HM and the standard version without NFC with the Model Number XMSH07HM. It is expected that the NFC version have a price of 499 yuan (about 64 euros), while the cost of the standard version will stay between 200-300 yuan (between 26 or 39 euros). The jump in prices seems great so there may be additional unknown features in addition to the NFC chip.


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