The new Mac Pro and Pro display are official! ┬╗ERdC

The new Mac Pro and Pro display are official! ┬╗ERdC

The new Mac Pro and Pro display are official!

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Today has been a busy day for the Cupertino company, as WWDC19 has been celebrated. For those who do not cooperate, the WWDC consists of a event focused on professionals, in which the brand shows all its news. In this year's edition, there have been few news that the company of the bitten apple has announced. Apple is a company that performs its own events and that does not attend any event, however relevant, such as the Mobile World Congress or the CES in Las Vegas.

Apple news

We have already talked about most of the news that will reach the brand's devices. In addition to these developments, Apple has introduced the new Mac Pro. This is the most powerful computer ever created by the Cupertino company, and its price in the most basic version is 5999 dollars, that is 5341 euros to change. The price will be increased according to the different versions. The features of the Mac Pro are the following:

Dimensions: 47 X 21 x 51cm
Processor: Intel Xenon up to 28 cores
Graphic Card: AMD Ryzen 3000
Storage: 256GB
Other connections USB A, 2 thunderbolt ports and 2 USB C ports.

The design of this Mac Pro has been the most outstanding of the WWDC, since it is very striking due to its amount of metallic holes, whose function will be the facilitation of heat dissipation.

Pro Display Monitor

In addition to this powerful computer, Apple has launched its high-end monitor called Pro Display. It's about a 32 inch diagonal monitor. The resolution is 6K (6016 x 3384 pixels). The screen incorporates HDR which allows us to appreciate more vivid colors … design is without frames and Apple ensures that we are facing the best monitor ever created. In addition, one of the biggest policies that revolve around the WWDC this year has been the support of precisely this monitor. The monitor will come without support and that will cost 4999 dollars, which in exchange is 4400 euros. The support is sold separately at a price of 999 dollars, 890 euros at the exchange. In addition Apple ensures that this monitor is also designed with the possibility of putting it in vertical format. However, if we install the official support of the brand, it will be in landscape format without the option of putting it in vertical format.

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