The best wallpapers for your mobile

The best wallpapers for your mobile

Samsung Galaxy A80, design

We opened our weekly section with the best wallpapers for your mobile. There are many who ask about the wallpapers that appear in our reviews, those that we use in our day to day and that we have selected with care. Although a good magician never reveals his tricks, in this case the mrito is not ours, and with the passing of the weeks we will show you, not only our favorite wallpapers for mobile, but the places where you can find some of the better quality images that you will find throughout the Internet, to be able to use them as wallpaper on your mobile phone, tablet, computer or any other device.

Each week, we will update this article to bring you 12 new background images, along with their corresponding download links and the recommendation of a source of wallpapers to discover hundreds of new wallpapers. The themes are varied, so you will find funds of all kinds and in different sizes and resolutions so that they adapt perfectly to the panel of any device.

Before continuing, we remind you that we also have a complete guide with customization tricks on Android, as well as other selections of wallpapers that may interest you:

Mobile wallpapers: our favorites

Week of 08/12/2019

The third week of August leaves us with news such as the return of the historic saga of HTC Wildfire terminals. And as usual, before welcoming the weekend, we select our favorite wallpapers for mobile.

Week of 05/08/2019

Before ending the week in which we finally got to know the new Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10 +, and Huawei introduced us HarmonyOS, its own operating system, we returned to our selection of wallpapers monthly, to choose the best background images we have found on the web in recent days.

Week of 07/29/2019

The month of August begins, and as usual We select the best wallpapers we have found in recent days In the net.

Week of 07/22/2019

On the last Friday of July, we return again with our weekly wallpaper section. On this occasion, we have discovered the great creations of the designer an erne, creator of, where they frequently publish wallpapers Original and exclusive.

Week of 07/15/2019

Before the end of the week and enter fully into the final stretch of the month of July, we recover our mobile wallpapers section with twelve new photographs in high resolution.

Week of 07/08/2019

In the second week of July we again select the best mobile wallpapers we have found on the web. As always, they are twelve the images we have chosen, all of them of high quality and available in high resolution.

Week of 07/01/2019

A new month begins, and how could it be otherwise, We update our selection of wallpapers again With twelve options perfect for any type of device.

Week of 06/24/2019

The first – and hot – summer week in half the world ends, and here we return with the best wallpapers for mobile that we have been able to find on the web in recent days. As always, we offer a link to Google Drive under these lines, from where you can download the images in their maximum available resolution.

Week of 06/17/2019

In the week when a part of the world welcomes summer, it's time to select our favorite wallpapers of the last days.

Week of 06/10/2019

We landed in the equator of the sixth month of the year, and not to break the tradition we have returned to Choose the best background images to use as wallpapers on our smartphones. All of them, of course, in high quality so that they are perfect even in mobile phones with higher resolution.

Week of 06/03/2019

We welcome the month of June with a new selection of wallpapers chosen by the Andro4all team, perfect for mobiles, tablets and any other type of devices. This week, the images come from the artists who have decided to share with us their best creations through Unsplash.