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The best Disney games and applications for Android

Disney is one of the best known companies worldwide. Responsible for hundreds of legendary series and movies. In addition, for a long time we have found a large number of applications and games available in the Play Store, developed by the company or based on some of these series and movies.

In many cases they are good options for the smallest of the house, although we find everything in this selection. Next we select some of these top Disney apps and games for Android. The best applications and games, both for children and adults, available in the Play Store.

Disney Magic Kingdoms

The first Disney game on the list comes from Gameloft. In it we will be able to create the amusement park of our dreams and in this way be able to fight the evil Maleficent. The reason we have to do this is that Maleficent has cast a curse on the Kingdom, and everything has been destroyed. Therefore, we have to build our own park. It is a very entertaining premise.

So you have to create all kinds of attractions in this park, based on Disney movies. In order to build attractions it is necessary fulfill the wishes of visitors to the park. In this way, new attractions are unlocked, which allow the park to grow. The game shows a lot of well-known characters from the studio's films. Characters like Tinker Bell, Mickey Mouse, Goofy or Buzz Lightyear, among many others.

Downloading this Disney game for Android is free. Although inside there are purchases. So if it's for your child, you better supervise what he does, so he doesn't buy anything without permission.

Disney Crossy Road

In second place is this game, which has been available for Android for some time now. It is a game that stands out for its aesthetic 8 bits, which gives it a lot of charm. The operation of the game is quite simple, you have to handle a Disney character and make it cross several roads. While the premise sounds simple, on some of these roads it is not so easy to pass. Therein lies the difficulty of the game.

There are all kinds of roads in the game, inspired by many of the Disney movies. So you can take a trip through the best known films of the studio. In addition, there are a large number of characters available to choose from. So the user can select their favorite characters at all times. It is not the most innovative game, but it is especially entertaining for users.

Your download for Android devices is free. Although, as usual, there are purchases inside it. Unlike other games, the purchases are not excessive nor is it intended to force the user to buy something. So the risk of spending is lower. But if it is a child who plays, it is good to supervise it.

Cars: Lightning League

Disney cars

Cars is one of the most popular Disney sagas in recent years. Therefore, it is no surprise that he has his own Android game. It is a racing game, which follows the premise of the films of this saga. Therefore, it is a kind of racing game for the little ones in the house. So insurance is something of interest to many users.

In this case we will have to help the legendary Lightning McQueen successfully return to the races. To do this, we will have to participate in races and introduce improvements in cars. So that Lightning is going to be champion again. This is a game with good graphics, which helps make it more interesting. In addition, it has a good playability. So it is easy to play at the same time for both adults and children.

Downloading this Disney game for Android is free. As usual, we find purchases inside. Therefore, it is good to control when a child plays at it. But they are not purchases that make too much presence in the game. So the experience of use is positive at all times.

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