The best firewall for Android

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These days there are many groups of active hackers and our personal data is at stake. Fortunately, Android comes with some of the best security features that exist. If that is not enough, you can easily download and install one of the best firewall applications for Android to keep your device safe from anyone who wants to attack your phone.

Most likely, you don't need an application for firewall if you use the apps from the Google Play store because they are already verified by Google. In case you want to install an APK or applications that are not available in the Google Play store, from an external source, one of the advantages of a firewall application is that it allows you to see if those applications want to communicate without you knowing .

The best firewall for Android

No root Firewall

The best firewall for Android The best firewall for Android

As the name implies, NoRoot Firewall It is a great way to control how your device uses the Internet. The application allows you to easily manage all applications and how they use your Internet. Fortunately, it is not necessary to root our smartphone to use this application.


  • Root is not needed.
  • Access control based on IP / host / domain;
  • Simple interface;
  • Minimal permits.
  • A great thing about this application is its ability to block the use of background data and only allow foreground data to run freely. You can analyze, record and initiate the use of data for each application and obtain useful details about them.

In conclusion, this is the perfect solution if you want a firewall for Android without root. It offers you complete protection for your Android device.

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The best firewall for AndroidMobiwol

The firewall application Mobiwol It can be used not only to reduce data usage, but also to save battery power, in addition to protecting our privacy. You can directly control the applications installed on your Android device with this application.


  • Protection of firewalls for Android without using root;
  • Automatic launch at device startup;
  • Full visibility of the use of the data;
  • Identify and notify when newly installed applications access the Web.
  • If one of the applications has become corrupt and has used a lot of background data, you can simply restrict its use. You can also receive alerts when a new application tries to access the Internet. The application may not be as effective as the dedicated battery-saving applications for Android, but it works well in combination with them.

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The best firewall for AndroidNetguard

Netguard It is a simple and effective way to block Internet access on our device. The best part is that you don't even need access to block malicious websites from the device. The addresses and even the applications can be configured individually to access the Android device.


  • You don't need a reason;
  • Supports IPv4 / IPv6 TCP / UDP;
  • Developed and actively supported;
  • No advertising
  • There were many features available that allow you to customize the experience you have with this firewall application for Android. For example, you can easily block when roaming.

It can also block Internet access from system applications, allowing them to remain as they are and not receive any updates.

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Droid Firewall

The best firewall for AndroidDroid Firewall

Droid Firewall is perhaps the application of firewall for Android Oldest and most popular available in the Google Play Store app store. Even though it shows ads, it is still one of the best Android firewalls in the market.