Samsung PlayGalaxy Link, game streaming service available in September ┬╗ERdC

Samsung PlayGalaxy Link, game streaming service available in September ┬╗ERdC

Samsung PlayGalaxy Link, game streaming service available in September

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Samsung announce your own service streaming games next month Be called PlayGalaxy Link, but only some details about the service are known. However, Samsung uploaded a short video that shows the service on its Korean YouTube channel.

Samsung PlayGalaxy Link

According to the video, the feature will be available first in the recent Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy Note10 +. As you can see in the clip, users they can transmit games run on their PCs directly to their phones. The user must log in to the PlayGalaxy Link application on their computer and also start the application on their phone in order to enjoy the function.

Both devices they must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network and also use the same Samsung account. Once configured, you can pause a game that was running on the PC and continue playing it on the mobile phone. It has been reported that Parsec is the company behind the low latency technology used for PlayGalaxy Link.

Glap controller

The video also shows that the Galaxy Note10 has a special controller or controller connected. This is known as Glap controller It is said that it is made just for Samsung, but it can also operate with devices less than 7.5 inches in size and no more than 10.1 millimeters thick.

The mentioned controller has a D-pad and a joystick on the left, while on the right are the XYAB action buttons and another joystick. There are additional buttons such as the start button, the play button and the power buttons. It also has trigger-shaped buttons on the top. Basically, in command there is no missing button that we find in any command of a console Classic desktop.

The remote has a battery life of up to 10 hours and also work with a Windows PC. The Glap controller has a price from GBP 79.99 in the United Kingdom and USD 72.99 on Amazon in the United States. PlayGalaxy Link be available for free when launched in September, but it is unknown if there will be exclusive games for the platform later in the future.

Google Stadia

Google Stadia

This may be competition in a way for Google Stadia, the streaming service of Google. However, this last It looks like a project with a higher level of ambition. Google Stadia has its own development platform, in addition to offering its own catalog of games to run from any compatible device without having the hardware capable of running them. Everything depends solely on our internet connection.


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