Mario Kart for Android goes ahead, but is delayed

Mario Kart for Android goes ahead, but is delayed

You may no longer remember that Nintendo was developing an Android game based on its famous franchise Mario Kart. I say this is possible because the news is more than a year ago. Normally there is not enough expectation with a game for the developer to announce it in advance but given the relevance of the title, he is forgiven.

This game was announced in March 2018, and it was expected that it could be downloaded in March 2019, that is, within a little less than a month, but it seems that Nintendo has changed the plans.

Mario Kart for Android is delayed

The game, called Mario Kart Tour, will be available for both Android and iOS devices but the deadlines have proved too short so Nintendo has decided to extend them, announcing it on the Nintendo account in Japan.

The smartphone game «Mario Kart Tour» will be distributed in the summer of 2019 to improve the quality of the application and expand the content of the service after launch.

The date as you see is generic, and the same can be lowered in June than in September.

Mario Kart for Android will be a long-term project

One of the reasons that are read between the lines of the statement is that Nintendo does not want to create a game for which we pay, download, play and forget. Come on, you don't want the same thing to happen as with Super Mario Run.

If we see the revenue graphics of Nintendo mobile games we see that the greatest success is Fire Emblem Heroes and the reason is that it is a game that invites to be used for a long time, not being discarded in a few weeks.

It is hoped that Mario Kart will follow the trend of free to play games and that it includes purchases within the application, and that it is not a paid game.