Huawei paralyzes the development of notebooks or laptops ┬╗ERdC

Huawei paralyzes the development of notebooks or laptops ┬╗ERdC

Huawei paralyzes the development of notebooks or laptops

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Since the US vs. Huawei issue began, the brand's approach has focused on its mobile phone business. However, the ban also affects its other businesses linked to US companies. Now he has focused attention on his business of PCs and laptops or notebooks, which has suffered a strong blow.

A new report says that the Chinese giant has asked its partners to chains of component supply stop deliveries. He has also asked suspend new projects in development within this field. This movement affects Huawei MateBook PCs, as well as that of its sub-brand Honor, which are sold under the MagicBook brand.

Paralyzing the development of Huawei and Honor laptops

According to the medium Digitimes, Multiple providers They have received a note from Huawei to stop the supply. There is no period of time for when production and development will resume. For the moments Huawei does not have an alternative to Intel and the Windows operating system. So much Intel as Microsoft are companies based in the United States and they are prevented from conducting business with Huawei without prior government authorization. AMD, which also feeds some of Huawei's PCs, It is also an American company. At this moment there is no viable alternative in the world of desktop processors that Huawei can use, while its new operating system is not ready yet.

While Huawei has been able stock up on chipsets for your mobile phones as a measure against emergencies, after what was seen in the US situation against ZTE over the past year, could not do the same for your laptop business.

Huawei's PC business has grown significantly since it began a few years ago. Its shipments were expected to reach an increase of up to 277.3%, but that figure will no longer be possible following recent developments. The MateBook X Pro, which was launched earlier this year, set a record 10 million yen in sales in just 10 minutes at a Chinese e-commerce store.

Meanwhile, seeing that there is no viable alternative in the world of processors for Huawei computers, You don't see a path by which you can continue to develop them. The only way is that the whole situation of the US trade war against China ends.


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