Huawei after the 90-day truce that the US gave it: "This doesn't change anything" | Technology and science | Mobile

Huawei after the 90-day truce that the US gave it: "This doesn't change anything" | Technology and science | Mobile

Huawei He said Tuesday that the 90-day truce agreed by the Trump administration to US companies that sell components to the Chinese group "does not change anything" for the latter, which it estimates to be "treated unfairly" by Washington.

The government of Donald Trump agreed on Monday a new respite to Huawei, which he suspects possible espionage in favor of Beijing. The Commerce department extended for 90 days the first period of exception agreed in May to certain US customers and suppliers of Huawei, when The Chinese group was blacklisted.

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This new period "aims to give consumers throughout the United States the necessary time to find suppliers other than Huawei, due to the permanent threat (which it represents) to national security and foreign policy", explained the Commerce department.

In response to that US statement, Beijing Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang called the United States to "immediately rectify your position".

"Whatever the United States does, this does not change the fact that it should not broaden the notion of national security, abuse export control, discriminate against foreign companies, and even try to eliminate them, without having the slightest evidence " about the alleged espionage, the spokesman denounced before the press.

Shortly before, the Chinese group, world number two smart phones, estimated in a statement that this extension "Nothing changes the fact that Huawei has been treated unfairly."

This decision "will not have a substantial impact on Huawei's businesses in one way or another."

The Commerce department said on Monday that it added 46 companies associated with Huawei to its blacklist, with which the entities and vetoes already add up to about 100.

"It is clear that this decision, taken at this precise moment, has political motives and has nothing to do with national security", lament Huawei.

This measure "violates the fundamental principles of competition" and it doesn't benefit anyone, not even American companies, the group insisted.

"Trying to eliminate Huawei's activities not helping the United States achieve a supreme technology. We call on the US government to end this unfair treatment and withdraw Huawei." from the blacklist.

Source: AFP

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