Firefox for Android be twice as fast, download Firefox Preview »ERdC

Firefox for Android be twice as fast, download Firefox Preview »ERdC

Firefox for Android be twice as fast, download Firefox Preview

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The current browser of Firefox for Android It is packed with features, with lots of security features and extension support. But nevertheless, has never matched Google Chrome in terms of performance. Mozilla has spent the last few months working on a new mobile browser, nicknamed ‘Fenix’. Now the new browser has entered the public beta version. Has been released under the name of Firefox Preview.

The new Firefox browser for Android focuses on speed, organization and privacy. Mozilla says this browser is up to twice as fast as previous versions for Android They have also worked on an improved interface and enhanced workflow that increase productivity.

The most immediate interface change is the position of the address bar, which is located at the bottom of the page instead of its usual place at the top. The browser also adds something called Collections, which allows you to save and share site groups, or call them as shortcuts.

New GeckoView engine

The new Mozilla browser is based on a Open source mobile engine called GeckoView. In his blog post, Mozilla compare this with your quantum desktop engine. The latter helped the browser make significant profits when it was launched in 2017 (and continues to benefit Firefox until today). Mozilla believes that GeckoView offer the same, but in the Android environment.

GeckoView is what helps Mozilla develop faster and allow him, in the last instance, completely renew Firefox for mobile. Mozilla is focusing completely on this project in regards to mobile devices. This means that the Firefox Focus browser focused on privacy is temporarily placed in the background. The browser remain available, but not in active development.

Firefox Preview has incorporated many of the features of Firefox Focus anyway. Among these we have the advertising tracker blocking by default, so Focus becomes redundant as its features are integrated into the main Firefox browser for Android.

Mozilla says the final version "rich in features" of its renewed Firefox browser get to Android this autumn. The company also said the user experience will be "Significantly" different in the final version. Mozilla improve Firefox Preview from now on based on user comments.

You can download the browser from its section in the Google Play Store. You can also download and install it manually from the APK Mirror website.