An addictive game, free and extremely simple, as is Color Bump 3D

An addictive game, free and extremely simple, as is Color Bump 3D

From time to time an extremely simple game appears in the smartphone application stores that is positioned as a brilliant success, ascending to the top positions in the download tops. Not long ago we attended one of them, Helix jump, and now that it seems that its wake begins to go out, we have a worthy successor.

Is called 3D Bump Color and uses elements very similar to those of Helix Jump: minimalism, good physics and extremely simple mechanics.

Breaking your way

This game is an endless runner, that is, the purpose of the game is not to reach a specific goal, but to go as far as possible.

This time this race is full of obstacles in the form of geometric pieces of different colors and we, who are a white ball, will push ourselves, literally.

The trick is not to touch any piece that is not the same color as us, since then we must restart the level.

Quick games and many ads

The average time of a game can be significantly less than one minute, although sometimes we will have to play it several times if it is complicated.

If we lose we will have the option of not losing progress by watching a video and that is one of the failures of the game. There are many ads both on the screen and between the different games and although the majority can be omitted, their abuse is obvious.

To avoid them we can pay the 3.19 euros that the purchase integrated in the game asks us or we can deactivate the data and play in airplane mode, although obviously that will cancel the entry of notifications from other applications.

Is it worth a try? Yes, the truth is that it is simple and quite fun. Hopefully developers will rethink their advertising policy, yes.