alcatel onetouch xess

Amazon, a Trojan horse on Android

Amazon is one of the largest online stores that we can find today. And it is that not only has an after-sales service praised by a large number of consumers, but with a catalog of products that covers more and more sectors every day.

The adventure of digital content of the American company He started very well with the Kindle brand and its e-book business, which little by little has begun to spread through the rest of the digital areas, such as music, cinema and applications.

Amazon applications and services are present to download on virtually any platform, but if we look for devices that integrate the Amazon platform by default, Kindle devices are the only ones available, until today.

Alcatel OneTouch Xess: A supertablet with 17.3 inch screen

During CES 2016 in Las Vegas, the French company Alcatel took the opportunity to give us new information about a product we already knew about which there was great mystery. This is the Alcatel Onetouch Xess, and it is a huge 17.3-inch screen tablet, being the first device that aims to compete face to face against the Samsung Galaxy View.

alcatel onetouch xess

Keeping the similarities between the product of Alcatel and Samsung, the really curious thing about this new product is the software that integrates by default. The French company has endowed its supertablet with various Amazon applications, specifically the Amazon store application, Amazon Music and Kindle preinstalled.

Amazon, win from within

The reasons why these applications have been included in this new supertablet are described in the Alcatel press release. The company justifies that «with a large screen format and Amazon applications, Xess is able to offer a great user experience at home«.

We are not going to criticize the fact that one company is associated with another to pre-install applications on a device, since it is something we see frequently on Android, where manufacturers include bloatware in exchange for a profit. What we highlight as curious is that for the first time, Amazon applications are highlighted as a benefit of the product in a press release, giving us the feeling that it is Amazon who really wins this collaboration.

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<p id=Amazon Underground, Amazon's latest foray into Android

The digital market is still booming, and Google Play stores have a huge presence. If we release a new Android phone they are there, if they lend us another Android they are there, and as consumers we are, the safest thing is that If we want to acquire a digital product, we will probably end up looking first at Google Play.

For a store or service it is very important to be there without the need to install anything (marking as a simple example the large market share that Internet Explorer has enjoyed for years), and Amazon not only knows, but also is willing to give more promotion to its digital content stores.

Will Amazon begin to abuse its powers?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, Amazon is one of the biggest giants of electronic commerce, and as such, It has greater power and influences than smaller companies. Thanks to its great customer service and premium subscriptions, it has achieved a loyal customer base that on many occasions only buy online if it is on Amazon, giving Amazon a power with which it is dangerous to play.

As we echoed in October, the company stopped selling products like Chromecast or Apple TV in your online store, because they were not willing to sell television equipment that did not integrate Amazon services by default. If Amazon has really been able to make this move and nobody has raised the cry in the sky, they may begin to "negotiate" with the manufacturers of phones and tablets.

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Following these negotiations, in the medium term future we would not be surprised that the search giant ended forcing smartphone vendors to include their default applications and services on the phones they wanted to sell in their stores, getting up to Google in terms of the number of devices on which it has a default presence.