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WhatsApp is updated and allows you to share the states in other apps

WhatsApp is updated and allows you to share the states in other apps

A few weeks ago one of the WhatsApp versions showed a code that implied that the engineers were working on a new function related to the states. Specifically one that would allow us to share the status that we published in the app with Facebook.

Today WhatsApp has officially made a similar, but not identical, function. It is a new option that allows us Share WhatsApp states with Facebook or with other applications.

Two new buttons

As we see in the image that WhatsApp has published, we will have two new buttons. The first one, in text, will let us share the status of WhatsApp directly on our Facebook profile.

The second, in the form of a share icon, will allow you to send it to any application that we have installed on your mobile. We have not been able to prove it yet but we understand that it will be shared in the form of an image.

At the moment this new function is only active for some users who have the latest WhatApp beta installed. Despite that, it will depend on the server whether we have the option or not, since the installation of the last beta does not guarantee it. If it doesn't work out, we just have to wait.

It will be necessary to see if it is a test or if it finally becomes massive since unlike the function of hiding the states, this seems to be already confirmed.

WhatsApp and Facebook accounts are not linked

This movement could blow up the alarms of many, who could understand that the WhatsApp and Facebook accounts are joining but it is not so. At least that is what the company says in a statement to The Verge.

Nor will there be, at least for the moment, an option that allows the status of WhatsApp and Facebook to be updated simultaneously.