The reinvention of LG may arrive for Amazon Prime Day

The reinvention of LG may arrive for Amazon Prime Day

LG is a company that for years has tried to innovate on Android, with greater or lesser results. The new range of products with which the company could reinvent itself seems to be closer than it seems, and its new range would be ready for Prime Day.

This same morning our colleagues from Omicrono marked a new date on the calendar. Prime Day is a very marked day for those looking to renew their mobile, and choosing that day for the launch of a new range could be very beneficial for the brand if the product is of quality.

The launch of the new LG W could come with Prime Day

LG is a brand that although for many has lost great relevance, continues to compete and make quality products. In the high range, it is possibly the brand that takes the audio and video recording section more seriously, aspects that are sometimes forgotten. For some reason or another, the brand has been going on for several years in which its smartphone division only gets losses.

With perseverance and time, LG can reverse its situation, and for this they moved one of their best managers to the front of the mobile division. While this change does not seem to have affected much with a few ambitious releases, a new range of products is coming, the W series.

Source: AndroidPure

We already met a few days ago a leak on a mobile called LG W10. This mobile would not arrive alone, and it seems that there will be a W30, which according to AndroidPure would arrive in color ┬źAurora green┬╗. Its launch seems to be imminent, and that is that the official launch would arrive during Prime Day. That is, July 15 and 16.

Some of the rumored features for these devices would be a Helio P60 processor (a Mediatek processor that has surprised us for good), triple rear camera, large capacity batteries and the sound system Boombox. If the rumors are correct and the price is fair, it can be a great release.

Can LG reverse its situation in the mid-range? In recent months we have seen how Samsung presented the most ambitious mid-range of the company ever seen, so we can grant LG the benefit of the doubt, since having more competitive options benefits us all.