The new LEGO sets come with an augmented reality app

The new LEGO sets come with an augmented reality app

LEGO is one of those traditional companies that has adapted to the new times. In addition to creating an entire iconography of its brand and products, it has chosen to diversify allowing the creation of other products related to its toys, such as movies.

Now the brand takes a new step in the field it controls, that of entertainment, with new sets of toys that have a rather striking feature: they can become video games. It is clear that these types of electronic games are increasingly popular among the youngest and LEGO has decided to get in the car.

LEGO Hidden Side is the augmented reality brand

The firm has created a whole new brand of products that will join the others it already markets, with the characteristic that the sets of this family will have an application for smartphones that allows converting toys into video games.

The proposal is based on a theme of ghosts that will come to life through the screen of our mobile or tablet and focuses on children over 7 years. In this video you can see how the application is integrated with the different sets already mounted.

The eight sets of games (a house, a bus, a cemetery, a school …) will be put on sale in late summer to prices between 19.99 and 129.99 euros and all will be characterized by a normal aesthetic in its construction but a sinister reverse when we use the augmented reality application.

This app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store when the different toys are put on sale. And yes, as soon as we can we will test it to tell you what it is like to play with a LEGO set and a mobile phone simultaneously.