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How to disable the Windows Defender service in Windows 10

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The quality of Windows Defender it is growing, but there are few users who use a different security system in the computers it has with Windows 10. If this is your case and you wish that the aforementioned service is not present on your device, we show how to achieve it in a simple and fast way.

The steps we are going to indicate do not put the stability of the operating system at risk from Microsoft, in relation to the usual operation but I know that there is something that we believe should be taken into account: if you delete Windows Defender, that is to put another security option on your desktop or laptop – since it should not be left unprotected a team since the dangers today are quite large. That said, it is important to know that it is not too complex to disable development temporarily or, failing that, remove it permanently. We show how perform the steps in both options.

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Temporarily disable Windows Defender in Windows 10

This is done through the use of the Windows Security tool, which can be accessed using the option Update and security what's in the Configuration. Now, among the options you see on the right side, select Protection against viruses and threats Review the options that appear in the window and click on the link called Manage settings.

Temporarily remove Windows Defender in Windows 10

Park a new screen where you must find a slide called Real-time protection. This is the one that you must disable so that Windows Defender stops working in Windows 10. As it is logical to think, activating this again is as simple as modifying what we have indicated in the last step.

Permanently remove Windows Defender in Windows 10

If what you want is that it is not active and Windows Defender is not seen, what you have to do is access the registry take a few steps that, yes, are somewhat more complicated and must be done more carefully. They are the following:

  • In the search bar, in the lower left area of ​​the desktop, and type regedit
  • You must access this entry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Policies Microsoft Windows Defender
  • Right click on the Windows Defender folder and select DWORD in New
  • Now put the following name to the creation you are generating: DisableAntiSpyware and save the action. The next thing is to press twice on the DWORD created and change the value 0 to 1
  • Save again and restart the computer for the modification to take effect
  • If you want to activate Windows Defender in Windows 10 again, you must change the value 1 set to 0, which is how it is disabled

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