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Google designs Android N for tablets

Google designs Android N for tablets

We are already seeing with the preview of Android N in which direction the new version of our beloved Android will go, with varied changes for a few things among which the multiventana stands out.

And the truth is that it is appreciated. Google made the leap to tablets with Android 3.0 Honeycomb, exclusive version for this platform and later on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwitch The development of mobile phones was combined with that of tablets. Since then it seems that little attention has been paid to tablets, something that may be about to change.

When manufacturers get ahead

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<p>It is not the first time it happens, nor the first time we named it, but the multiventana on Android did not start being a thing of Google but manufacturers such as Samsung or LG began to allow the screen to be divided into two applications that were running at the same time. Anyway, <strong>Android is the union of all manufacturers</strong>, not just pure Android. Be together, not the same.</p>
<p>This was undoubtedly a great advantage for their tablets compared to others such as even the Nexus could be <strong>for those looking to work</strong> With their devices, they could be searching for things on Google or chatting while writing in a Word document.</p>
<p>One of the features of the recent iPad Pro by Apple is the ability to have this window divided and before those terminals with Windows had this option that exists from Windows 7 and came to tablets with Windows 8.</p>
<p><strong>Since Google did not see the opportunity</strong> until recently that they started to include the multi-window in Android M and now it seems that it will reach everyone for mobile phones and tablets during this 2016 by the hand of Android N.</p>
<h2>The multiventana finally official</h2>
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It's time for Android N and with this version, for now still in development, the multiventana comes to Android phones and tablets so you can split the screen into two to place two applications allowing you to watch a video while doing other things, find things and chat, play and watch your favorite series …

Although it is logically more profitable it is in the field of tablets to improve productivity, although Google still lacks enough to achieve a well adapted system for tablets.

In the multi-window of Samsung we can also see the usefulness of shrink an application in what is properly a window like the ones we are used in desktop operating systems. Precisely this custom with the desktop as it can be with Windows, Linux or Mac OS leads us to be more productive in terminals with these systems.

Android, behind the rest on tablets

ios 9 multiventana

Let's be frank, an Android tablet goes pearls to to play to some game beyond Candy Crash where a short screen stays small and is also perfect for watch multimedia content which was what the Galaxy View of 18.4 ″ tried to succeed, a portable television. Can't you be productive? Yes, you can, but there are better applications dedicated to it.

Instead iOS has a clear differentiation between mobile and tablet applications so developers take advantage of it to create applications dedicated to tablets of much better quality than one whose responsive design should look good on both a small 4.5 "mobile and a 10" tablet.

surface 3 microsoft

On the other hand many choose Windows Nowadays when you are looking for a convertible or a tablet that can replace your computer. Since its version 8 and especially now in Windows 10 from Microsoft they have focused on adapting their system to tablets and their most precious example is the Surface. Incredible tablets that can replace a computer not only because of its compatibility with the usual programs of PC but for the good support offered to peripherals so important for some to work like a mouse and of course.

Google gets to work

pixel c build

It seems that Android N is going to be a blow on the table for the world of Android tablets to try to regain ground in this market. What do we have for now? The multiventana was something that was seen coming and now it is official but the thing is not there because from the beginning they are announcing this version as ready for tablets.

So much so that even the tablet Pixel c Google has suffered a 25% discount (without keyboard) for developers claiming it is a device ready to give its full potential with Android N.