Galaxy S10, OnePlus 7 Pro and ms: Phone with fingerprint sensor on screen

Galaxy S10, OnePlus 7 Pro and ms: Phone with fingerprint sensor on screen


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Next iPhone 11 Apple is expected until September, but there are already many rumors around the device. In addition to a square edge for the camera, similar to the Pixel 4, a USB-C charging port and a price increase, it is speculated that the phone will have fingerprint scanner on the screen. This will mean that instead of using facial recognition and Face ID, you can scan your fingerprint directly on the screen to unlock your phone and, in some cases, authorize payments.

But as with many of the "new" iPhone features like the multitaskingFor example, several Android phones already have the technology. InCES 2018, we tested the first phone with the digital sensor integrated in the screen on a phone with no name of Alive
. But not only China's dark telephones have the technology; also famous phones like the Galaxy S10 They have the function. A report calculates that by the end of 2019, 100 million phones in the market will have digital scanners on the screen.

True, the function is not as common as others for example, water resistance or multi camera packages. But it has been mentioned so many times that if the iPhone 11 gets it, it will be trying to catch up, instead of leading the pack. Keep reading to see what are the Android phones that already have fingerprint scanners on the screen. And if you have one of these phones, tell us if you like the function. Is it fast? It runs smoothly? Do you prefer a dedicated sensor?

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Several phones of the latest Samsung flagship line have on-screen fingerprint sensors. Including Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10 5G. In addition, these phones have clear screens, long battery life, a waterproof design and the ability to charge other devices wirelessly.

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Although it does not have a traditional headphone jack or wireless charging, the OnePlus 7 Pro is fast, has a good front retractable camera and its three rear cameras take great pictures, all for $ 80 less than its closest competitor to Samsung or Apple.

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The Moto Z4 proves that you don't need to pay a fortune to have the newest features in a phone. Not only does it have a fingerprint sensor on the screen, it also connects to the 5G network (as long as you put the necessary Moto Mod accessory). And for only US $ 499.

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Launched in 2018, the OnePlus 6T was the first OnePlus phone to have a fingerprint included on the screen. It is currently available, and offers top-notch hardware, including a very fast processor and an excellent camera for hundreds of dollars less than its competitors.