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Use PayPal in 7 steps: scale the maximum match to your PayPal account

Use PayPal in 7 steps: scale the maximum match to your PayPal account

PayPal is a recognized online payment system. However, do you know how it works and everything you can do with a PayPal account? In this guide we explain how to create a PayPal account, how to send or request money and all the fees you will have (or not) to pay.

1. How to create a PayPal account

Obviously, to use this payment service on-line The first thing you will have to do is create a PayPal account. To do this, go to your Official website by clicking on this link.

Then, go to the Create an account section in the upper right corner of the screen, and follow all the instructions that will appear later.

In case you need it, there is also the option to create a special business account, but if this is not the case, you can simply choose to create a personal account like most users.

The personal account (in which we focus on this article) allows you to make purchases on-line, send money, receive money and some other function that you may not know.

2. Add a bank account or card to PayPal

In order to make full use of your PayPal account you will have to link it to your bank account or your card. Without this you will not be able to make payments or send money.

If you did not add your bank account during the process of creating your PayPal account, you can still do so if you go to the My Wallet tab and click on the option of Add a bank account or Add card.

If you add several accounts or cards you can easily choose which card you want to use in each transaction.

3. How to send money with PayPal

If you are shopping online and want to use PayPal to pay, simply select this option on the website of the store where you are shopping.

This option will appear normally just when you go to make the purchase and you are asked for the method of payment. That is where you will have to choose the PayPal option.

There are many ways to send money, to do so from PayPal you will have to select the top Send tab and request money.

You can make payments for products and services or pay someone in Spain or abroad using an email address, a telephone number or a name.

Choose the option you want and follow the instructions. Keep in mind that the other person also needs to have a PayPal account in order to receive your payment. In case you don't have it you will have to create one.

PayPal even gives you the option of sending money as a gift, along with a digital greeting card.