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this game has it all

this game has it all

Normally when we look for topics to write and we want to talk about games we usually take a walk through the Google Play Store and take a while trying some and in most cases discarding them. Other times no, they are good games and we talk about them.

But this time something curious happened to me. Using Instagram I skipped an ad (yes, sometimes they are useful) talking about a game of mini golf. Out of curiosity I installed it and a week later I have to admit that I have been hooked, so I have decided to tell you about it, so that you give it a chance. If you do not get overwhelmed easily.

A battle on the golf course

This proposal is called Golf battle and it has a very simple and well worked gameplay, simple and colorful graphics and also does not cost money. If we don't want, of course.

The game allows us to compete with thousands of online players in different golf courses where we have to put the ball in the hole before our rivals.

For that we have to press on it, slide your finger in the opposite direction to which we want the ball to come out and lift it from the screen. Depending on how much we have removed the finger from the ball it will be shot with one speed or another and that will cause us to move forward or get off the track.

There are multiple elements that have to be counted as ramps, sandbars, holes and all have effects on our ball. In addition there is a maximum time which makes us have a lot of pressure to finish as soon as possible, and that makes us sometimes fail.

Many sticks, balls and stages

We will start with a simple golf ball and we can unlock more as we go, opening chests whenever we win. The same goes for sticks, which we can improve by paying game coins.

As we achieve a certain reputation we will be unlocking the different scenarios although the more advanced they are, the greater the fee we have to pay to play. That fee is paid with game currency, which we can get playing, collecting daily gifts or, as expected, with micropayments.

The feeling he has given me is that the same thing happens as in Candy Crush. It is a very fun game but too easily we run out of gold and we have to wait (or pay). The same goes for jewels, another type of game value element.

Despite that it is worth giving it a try, even if it is to play 10 or 15 minutes a day, as long as we do not get hooked.