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The Amazon Fire tablet is renewed with new colors and more memory

The Amazon Fire tablet is renewed with new colors and more memory

Amazon surprised us a long time ago with Fire, an Android tablet with such a low price that it was even possible to buy it in bulk. Is € 59.99 tablet It has quite contained specifications if you are used to the high-end, but it is able to meet the needs of many users that they want something basic to play, surf the net or read their social networks. On this occasion, Amazon has announced that the Fire are renewed with some news.

We talk about the Fire of Amazon today precisely because the american company he has renewed them to some extent with three new colors, and has also decided to offer a greater internal storage capacity for those who fall short with the basic version. All justified with that they have sold millions of units worldwide, and want to give buyers more customization opportunities.

New colors and greater storage capacity, such is the renewal of the Amazon Fire

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<p>To be exact, we can now <strong>buy a Kindle Fire in magenta, blue and orange</strong>, next to the black color that could be acquired so far. In terms of capacity, we can choose the current 8 GB of internal memory or upload up to <strong>16 GB</strong>. New colors do not imply a price increase (59.99 euros), while <strong>increase memory from 8 to 16 GB</strong> It carries an extra cost of € 10, increasing the price to € 69.99.</p>
<p><strong>There are no more renovations in this regard</strong>: the components that make up the set do not change, nor does the shape of the device itself change. Remember, by the way, that Amazon tablets dispense with Google to bet on an own ecosystem, although we can install Google Play by our own means.</p>
<p>In any case, the Amazon Fire is still recommended for those users who want a tablet without demanding high-level technical specifications, as well as for those who give the highest priority to the price of the device. As usual, we can get the renewal of the tablet in question through Amazon.</p>
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So you can have Google Play on Amazon tablets without the need for root

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