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How to restore from Apple iPad factory easily and without risk

How to restore from Apple iPad factory easily and without risk

It is possible that over time the Apple iPad that you have does not work as it should or, at least, in the same way as it behaved when you bought it. We show what you have to do to restore it from the factory and that it returns to the maximum with all kinds of applications.

Being one of the best tablets that currently exist in the market, Apple iPad are not exempt from malfunctions (such as for example lag or delays when executing different developments). If you do not want to go with tests, one of the best solutions is to restore the device of the Cupertino company from the factory and leave it exactlyJust like the day you took it out of the box We always talk about the sections of the software, not the hardware.

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Before doing anything there is something that is essential in our opinion: make a backup of what you have stored in the tablet to not lose absolutely nothing since, with the process that we are going to indicate, everything that is stored inside the Apple iPad is deleted. We recommend doing this by using a cloud storage service such as Dropbox or iCloud- since, in this way, the restoration on the tablet is much more simple once you have the tablet running again one hundred percent.

Apple iPad Pro App apple

Factory restore an Apple iPad

This is what you have to do to perform this process that leaves the tablet completely new and, therefore, everything inside is lost and you have to proceed to make a new initial configuration. The steps are the following:

  • Access the configuration of your Apple iPad
  • Now use the aparados Restore that exists in general of the menu you are seeing on the screen
  • You must choose then Delete contents and settings

Restore an Apple iPad tablet

  • A window appears in which you have to choose Delete iPad and then you must confirm the action. You may have to enter the Apple ID
  • The time it takes to complete the process on the Apple iPad depends on the model you have, since for example the larger the storage space later to be performed
  • Now you just have to do the initial setup again from scratch or using a backup you have in the services of the Cupertino company

An option that you should always value in the Apple iPad

Before performing a factory restoration on the tablet we are talking about, it is possible that a malfunction can be solved simply with a device reboot. This is what you have to do to force it even if the Apple iPad does not respond (and, in addition, this does not erase the data you have stored):

Models with Start button

You must press the combined Power and Start buttons until the computer becomes attached and starts a restart automatically. When you see the Apple logo on the screen, you can now release them and then simply wait until the tablet is available for use.

iPad Pro 2018

Models without start button

In this case it is necessary to perform three actions to force a restart on an Apple iPad. They are the following:

  • Press and quickly release the button Turn up the volume
  • Do the same later with your own Volume down
  • Now, you just have to press the button Switched on until the tablet restarts

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