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How to convert voice messages to text on WhatsApp for Android and iPhone

How to convert voice messages to text on WhatsApp for Android and iPhone


WhatsApp notes or voice messages on Android and iPhone can now be converted to text so you can read them instead of listen to them.

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Are you one of those who receives a voice message on WhatsApp and would you like it to be in text because you do not want or can you listen to it at that time? The VoicePop app is the solution we were waiting for.

VoicePop is a free app that is available on Android (in beta) and on iPhone that allows transcribing the voice memos you receive on WhatsApp to convert them into text, regardless of whether they are voice messages in Spanish, English or another language.

During the time we have tested the app, voice memos have been transcribed with great precision. However, it should be borne in mind that like any transcript there are times when the text does not fully reflect what the voice message says. It is worth bearing in mind that the app still shows you the percentage of accuracy that the system considers to have.

First, to install the VoicePop you must download it from Google Play Store for Android for free or the App Store for iPhone for free.

How to transcribe voice memos in WhatsApp on Android

  • Hold down the voice memo
  • Select Share
  • Choose VoicePop or Transcribe
  • Choose the language
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The steps to follow to convert voice memos into text in WhatsApp for Android.

Juan Garzn / CNET

How to convert voice memos into text on WhatsApp for iPhone

  • Hold down the voice memo
  • Select Resend
  • Choose the voice note
  • Select Share
  • Choose VoicePop (or transcribe) and then language if necessary
  • If you selected multiple messages you can swipe to the right to see the other messages "height =" 110 "width =" 196

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