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How and where to watch the fourth season of Las Chicas del Cable

cuarta temporada chicas del cable

August 9. This is the official release date of the expected fourth season of Cable Girls, one of the most successful Spanish series produced by Netflix.

The series, which tells a story that dates back to 1928, brings us closer to a group of women working for a then modern telecommunications company in Madrid.

The new season promises to surprise us with a lot of new plots that will make our hair stand on end. The Second Republic arrives, which implies a period of changes for women at that time, something that we can live closely following the lives of the protagonists of the series.

We can see them on the street, fighting for equality, for women's rights and for the right to vote, following the story of one of the most important social and political movements in history: feminism.

In the next teaser published in the official Instagram account of Netflix Espaa, we can see the protagonists avoiding answering the same question: "Where were you last night?". The video makes us wonder what they do not want to tell and what new plot awaits them in this fourth season of Cable Girls.

How to watch the fourth season of The cable girls

This was the first Netflix original series produced in Spain, therefore, as the first three seasons, as this fourth installment of Cable Girls can be seen on the series and movies platform in streaming Netflix.

This means that the easiest way to enjoy the series is to subscribe to the content offered by Netflix. If you wish, you can get all the information about Netflix prices and rates by clicking on this link.

As you probably know, Netflix offers different types of rates, from one basic for 7.99 per month, to a premium for 13.99. Keep in mind that the latter can be shared with three other people, so it ends up being cheaper.

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Now, if you are outside of Spain, you may not have access to the content you want to watch since some series or movies are available only in certain countries.

In this case, we recommend using a VPN connection so you can change your IP address and choose the country of the server from which you want to connect to the Internet. You can get more information about How a VPN works by clicking on this link.

exist free VPN connection services, as TunnelBear or Windscribe for those who will not have to pay a single cent although, yes, they will have certain limitations. If you wish you can also consult our list of best VPN among which some require paid subscriptions (many of them are worthwhile).

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