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Google Maps is updated to offer more public transport data

Google Maps is updated to offer more public transport data

If you thought that Google Maps could not offer more services, in the company of Mountain View they began to show that this is not so. A new update of this tool includes news that are interesting and that have to do with the information that is offered public transport.

The development of the firm is becoming more complete in what has to do with this type of transport service, and now information has been added that surely thank those who use it regularly. Thus, thanks to Google Maps, they can be known from the state in which the train or buses are in terms of influx of passengers like being clear if they can meet the schedules That is established. All very useful as you can see.

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This is the great news that is included in the latest Google Maps update that has already begun deploy worldwide and in which the usual performance corrections are also not lacking in performance improvements. By the way, an excellent detail regarding the information that is now provided in this service – which is really complete – is that data is offered live, so they are not estimates for what usually happens. Undoubtedly, this is perfect for the day for you to use urban bus lines or those that go on the subway.

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New Google Maps information for now only in selected cities

The information is not limited to being displayed in the case of being reviewed by the user. This is also shown in a card in notifications of the mobile terminal in the case that it has been established that public transport is used if the operating system recognizes that the use of this means of transport is habitual. So, for example, if it is time to go to work, you can see a notice other than Google Maps that indicates that a bus is late – since the traffic is not good and, even, it is possible to know in a way precise which is the section affected – or, failing that, if the subway arrives completely full. At least, know what awaits you That is not little.

You have not indicated cities in which this service is already active, but the initial number of these has been indicated: nothing less than two hundred. Therefore, the most important in Spain are among the chosen ones, which means that these developments can be enjoyed in our country without problems.

Delay bus on Google Maps

The update is coming today in both the Android operating system and iOS, so you simply have to access play store -or Apple's own store- to check if you have a pending download. If so, you only have to install this on a regular basis (if you do not see anything this two are the options for this to happen: or in the region in question the new version of Google Maps has not arrived or, failing that, everything is already installed).

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