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Google Keep is updated for all users with dark mode

Google Keep is updated for all users with dark mode

2019 will be the year in which more applications choose to implement an interface with dark colors since it is already confirmed that it will be Android Q, or Android 10, the version of the system that you bet for allowing the user to activate this function.

That is why Google is carrying out a strong modification of all its applications integrating this function. We have seen it in the file application, in the assistant and in the search, in Google Photos, in Google Drive or in the calendar.

The last to receive it has been Google Keep, which even encourages us to try it when we open the application. So far only a few users had this option available but the update has already expanded internationally.

A very striking interface

Although the dark mode is a visual change that can be seen in any application, in some such as Keep the change is especially noteworthy since being an app in which the text prevails and has a white background by default the contrast is maximum.

How to activate the dark mode

In order to use these new colors we simply have to slide the Lateral Menu and choose the Settings option. There will be a new option, located in fourth place, that will enable you to activate the dark mode in a simple way.

If we want to deactivate it, we simply have to press again in the same section.

Of course, at the moment the widgets do not work in dark mode and appear blank even if we have activated the dark mode in interfaces such as Huawei EMUI that already use it. We assume that they will be shown in black when Android 10 Q takes Google's official dark mode to the terminals that are updated to that version.