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These Samsung mistakes may make you lose your leadership

These Samsung mistakes may make you lose your leadership


Samsung phones are phenomenal, but that tendency to be so expensive may come out very expensive.

Angela Lang / CNET

There is no doubt that Samsung is a leader in the sale of cell phones worldwide. However, you will surely agree with us that some mistakes may cause us to lose confidence in the company, or even make us opt for cheaper devices.

In the Top 5 of CNET in Spanish, we list the mistakes that could make Samsung lose its leadership.

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Samsung mistakes that could spoil your future


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How do we list these mistakes that Samsung will be making? Simple. From the one we consider less relevant to the one that could lead you to lose your number one position.

Wearables not very popular

In the fifth position we have the fact that Samsung fails to stand out in the area of wearables. Despite being the number one company for cell phone sales in the world, the company is in position 5 when it comes to smart watches and bracelets.

We believe that the Gear series of smart watches with the rotating bezel has been simply ideal, that the Galaxy Watch It is sexy and with many functions and that the bracelets Galaxy Fit They fulfill what they promise, but they have not been the most popular since the company launched its first smart watch called Samsung Galaxy Gear, all for 2014.

IDC data reveals that in 2018 Samsung was the fifth company to sell wearables, behind Huawei, Fitbit, Xiaomi and of course, Apple, which maintains the number one position with the Apple Watch. For its part, Xiaomi has taken the second position, probably because its devices are extremely cheap.

Yes, maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel, because Samsung has been improving its sales in recent years.

Samsung tablets in each free

In position number four we have Samsung tablets. While it is true that the arrival of larger cell phones could be helping the contraction of this market, Apple tries to reinvent itself and battle by launching iPadOS, an operating system with some improvements for the iPad but what is Samsung doing to prevent the decline of its sales?

The Galaxy Tab tablets they have been modernized, each time they are thinner and with less bevels and some even include a pencil. Samsung sells them with Android and there are models with Windows, and yet in the last year its sales have fallen more than those of the iPad, according to IDC data.

In this section the company is not doing so badly, because it is in second place after Apple, and before Amazon, Huawei and Lenovo, although without doubt the company has to take action if it does not want this segment to decline.