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The Galaxy Fold returns: Samsung's folding phone arrive in September

The Galaxy Fold returns: Samsung's folding phone arrive in September


The folding Galaxy Fold goes on sale.

Angela Lang / CNET

The Samsung Galaxy Fold It was launched with drums and cymbals on February 20 of this year. Its original release date should be April 26, but the first test units began to have problems on the screen. After several reports the company decided to pick up those devices and suspend the sale of its first folding cell phone, which finally reached the market in September.

Samsung was the first big company that announced and presented a foldable cell phone, even the phone came in presale in the United States and in several countries. However, these had to be canceled and the operators were forced to reimburse the money.

On its website for the United States, Samsung explained that it had improved the Galaxy Fold after doing a thorough review of the device. Among them, the Infinity Flex Display has been fully extended on the bezel, so that the sticker that covers the screen cannot be peeled off by users, a detail that generated all the chaos in April in the first test units.

To this Samsung adds that it has added an additional reinforcement to protect the external parts of the device, while always maintaining the folding experience. Among other things the company has reduced the gap in the cell phone fold, a criticism made by those who tested the phone, because it easily filled with dirt and was difficult to access and clean.

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Galaxy Fold: a close look at the flexible cell phone …


On July 1, Samsung Electronics president DJ Koh himself He said he had advanced to launch the device ahead of time.

It was embarrassing. I pressed before I was ready. I admit that something went away with the folding phone, but we are in the process of recovery. "

DJ Koh, president of Samsung Electronics.

When the CNET team had in its hands a pre-production unit of the Galaxy Fold – which does not happen like others at that time -, it highlighted as strong points its design and the great duration of its battery. This cell phone has a first 4.6-inch screen that is the main one, but when you open it, it becomes a huge 7.3-inch panel that looks like a tablet. To this we must add that it has six cameras, including the same triple camera of the Galaxy S10. Of course, all this luxury comes with a high price of about US $ 1,980.

The incident with the Galaxy Fold is not the first of Samsung in its recent history with a cell phone. In 2017 the Galaxy Note 7 had an explosive episode, which caused the company to withdraw the product for months from the market, and although later the device was sold with a new battery and an optimized process, it did not reach everyone. In this episode of Top 5 we analyze the mistakes that Samsung will be making, and that could lead you to lose mobile leadership.

At CNET in Spain, we went out to the street to ask people for their opinion on the South Korean company’s foldable smart phone, and the answers were quite peculiar. You can see them in this video.

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