descargar adobe premiere pro

How to download Adobe Premiere Pro, free video editors and offers

Since it was first launched in September 2003, Premiere Pro has become one of Adobe's best rated and used editing programs, along with others such as Photoshop.

Actually, the Premiere Pro was already dragging the good reputation of its predecessor, known simply as Premiere. This good reputation has also been borrowed from the Premiere Elements editor, most used among publishers amateurs.

Although Adobe Premiere Pro is intended to be used in professional environments, it can also be used with relative ease by those who only need to edit a home video. Master the software It's complicated but knowing your basic functions not so much.

Whether you are a professional or an amateur, if you have come here it is because you need to download the Adobe program on your computer or laptop. In this article you will also find information about Premiere Pro offers and ways to get it for free.

How to get Premiere Pro

Before trying to download Premiere Pro on your computer or laptop, you should know that the first thing you should do is create an account Creative cloud. Once this is done, you can choose one of the plans below.

Option 1. Unique application

For those who just want to install Premiere Pro on their computer, it is best to pay for the unique application plan. You will have at your disposal the Adobe video editor, Premiere Rush and 100 GB of cloud storage.

There are three different payment methods:

  • Annual monthly payment plan for 24.19 / month
  • Annual (prepaid) plan for 290.17 / year
  • Monthly plan for 36.29 / month

Option 2. All applications

However, if you plan to use other Adobe programs apart from Premiere Pro, you should hire the plan of all applications. Creative Cloud includes more than 20 applications and also 100 GB of storage.

There are three different payment methods:

  • Annual monthly payment plan for 60.49 / month
  • Annual (prepaid) plan for 725.85 / year
  • Monthly plan for 90.74 / month

Option 3. All applications + Adobe Stock

If in addition to the more than 20 applications included in the Creative Cloud, you need to access the Adobe Stock image bank, the monthly fee amounts to 96.78. You should know that you can cancel the subscription to that bank during the first month.

Option 4. Discount for students

On the other hand, students and teachers who can prove their link to an educational institution can take advantage of the Adobe discounts. In this sense, the plan for all applications costs 19.66 per month instead of 60.49 per month.

With this discount, you can access the complete collection of more than 20 programs, including Premiere Pro, plus 100 GB of cloud storage, Adobe Spark, Adobe Font and Adobe Portfolio.

Option 5. Plan for colleges and universities

Similarly, colleges and universities can obtain Premiere Pro or any other Adobe program at a very special price. Even with the discount, users can access 100 GB of cloud storage per license.

There are several plans and payment methods:

  • License per assigned user – All applications for 34.99 / month
  • License per assigned user – Single application for 14.99 / month
  • Shared user license – All applications for 330 / year or

Option 6. Business plan

Finally, also non-educational organizations with employees who need to work with Premiere Pro can purchase a license from a special price. Companies can choose to pay only for one application or for the entire pack.