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How and when to watch the third season of Westworld

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On the day of its premiere, on October 2, 2016, many already anticipated what would later prove to be true: Westworld It was determined to be one of the most successful series of the year. And that popularity ended up dragging also during the second season.

More than a year after the second installment of chapters was issued, there are many who want to know how the science fiction story created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Roy, based on the homonymous Michael Crichton movie, will continue.

There is no doubt why Westworld It is considered one of the HBO's best fictions. Then, instead, we will try to solve other questions you may have, such as the release date, the plot and the cast of the third season.

When Westworld season 3 premieres

We have been knowing for many months that Westworld it will have a third part, as many as long ago we are waiting for new chapters to be released. HBO announced the renewal of the series shortly after the second season premiered.

Since then little more information has been made public regarding the release date of the new season, although high platform charges in streaming They recently confirmed that this will not occur until 2020.

How to watch Westworld season 3 on TV or streaming

As we said, Westworld It is a series of HBO, which means that this platform is the only one going official to see it. At least this has been the first two seasons, but the same can be expected with the third.

Therefore you will need a subscription to HBO Spain (7.99 per month) or HBO Latin America. The service in streaming It has applications for both smart TVs, Windows or Mac computers and smartphones Y tablets Android and iOS.

If you are one of those who prefer to enjoy the series on the big screen of a TV, but you do not have Smart TV, you should know that you also have the option to connect your mobile device with Internet access to your TV with a Chromecast or a HDMI cable.

How to watch Westworld for free

The only legal way to enjoy all the chapters issued so far from Westworld It is through the HBO platform. If you have not subscribed yet, you can do so now and take advantage of a free trial month. When finished, you will have to pay the fee.

Westworld season 3 cast and plot

If we let ourselves be guided by the trilers and the rumors that circulate on the Internet, we can have a more or less clear idea of ​​what the third season of Westworld. On the one hand, the universe of parks goes to the background.

It has been confirmed that the great majority of the scenes will take place in the real world, after Dolores' characters, Bernard and Charlotte got out. Once outside, it seems to have the help of new characters.

That does not mean that the parks have been completely parked. The big difference in this third season is that, instead of representing a world inspired by the west, Westworld will become Naziworld, the world of the Nazis.

As for the cast, the third season again have Evan Rachel Wood, Jeffrey Wright and Tessa Thompson, and it seems that Ed Harris and Katja Herbers will also come out again. Hopefully Thandie Newton and Anthony Hopkins also appear.

On the other hand, fans of Westworld You can enjoy the talent of Aaron Paul and Lena Waithe, who have joined the cast and it seems that their characters will work alongside Dolores. Vincent Cassel has also been incorporated, but little is known of his role.

Westworld season 3 trailer

On July 20, HBO presented the first trailer of the third season of Westworld during the San Diego Comic-Con celebration.