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All ranges available in the brand

All ranges available in the brand

Samsung is the best selling brand worldwide in the telephony market. This 2019 is being a year of changes for the Korean brand since it has varied its phone ranges. A classic range like that of the Galaxy J has been removed; leaving two new ranges in place, the Galaxy A and the Galaxy M. This has led to increased options for users.

The brand has several ranges available. This makes choosing a Samsung phone not always easy for some users. Then we tell you all about the ranges of the Korean brand to know what they offer us.

Samsung Galaxy Note: Premium High End

Users looking for the most premium Samsung models they have to go to the Galaxy Note range. Historically it has been the most important of the company; In addition to being one of the most innovative, something that this year has happened especially in the Galaxy S10. It is usually the highest priced, clearly intended for a very demanding public and looking for the highest quality in their phones.

This range of phones is known for its power and huge screen. In addition, they usually make use of good cameras, which this year would be multiple. And it is the only range that still having S-Pen, an element that has evolved significantly over the years.

Prices: from 799 euros (Samsung Galaxy Note 9).

Galaxy S: High Range

The high-end of the Korean brand is always presented at the beginning of the year. The current generation has left us with three phones, the S10, S10 + and the new S10e (in addition to the Galaxy S10 + 5G). All three show the evolution that this range has had, especially with the change in design that Samsung has introduced this year when using the hole in the screen.

They make up a high range that It is usually cheaper than the Galaxy Note. It is not for that worse, at all, since these phones sneak year after year into the list of the best phones on Android. If you are looking for a high-end phone, you should always keep this family in mind.

Prices: from 759 to 1009 euros (basic versions).

Galaxy A: Mid range and low range

The Galaxy A have become the widest range that Samsung Leave us so far. This range, which has been launched in part to replace the Galaxy J, eliminated earlier this year, leaves us with a lot of phones. One of the aspects where they stand out is that there is a model for each price range.

Models such as the Galaxy A50 or A40 are good examples of the current mid-range of the company. A modern design, good price and cameras as great protagonists on the phones On the other hand, we have somewhat simpler models such as the Galaxy A10, which can be placed within the Samsung input range. In addition, soon more mobile phones would arrive within this range, such as the Galaxy A90; which would be the most expensive of higher performance, such as a "premium mid-range".

This range is, therefore, the most varied that the company leaves us. Samsung is betting heavily on this family of phones. The main change that has come with it has been the design; in which the company has finally introduced the notch. But it has also left us with rotary camera phones or the screen hole, so there are many elements to differentiate each model. Its good results in the market show that the strategy is being effective.

Galaxy A input range

Samsung Galaxy A20