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The new Google Play Newsstand update incorporates Material Design

La nueva actualización de Google Play Kiosco incorpora Material Design

Google Play Newsstand screenshots

Google has just announced the launch of a new update of Google Play Newsstand, its popular news and magazine reader, whose mission is to be improve the reading experience, especially on small screens.

This redesign will bring a new reading experience to your phones. In the past, it was difficult to read magazines printed on small screens because we had to zoom in and out of an article in order to check it out. But now you will see a list of articles in a magazine that you can easily browse and read with large images, directly on your phone.

Undoubtedly, this is great news many users, but, how has it been possible?Well, as pointed out from Mountain View, it has been necessary to completely redesign Google Play Newsstand, Following Material Design's design guidelines. Thus, now the news reader offers larger images, more contextual headers, much smoother transitions, including a series of gestures that will facilitate navigation.

From today, the new iteration of Google Play Newsstand, which arrived a little over a year ago to the main app stores to take the Google Currents witness, progressively reaching users in more than 40 passes.

What do you think about the Google Play Newsstand update? Do you use it daily or, on the contrary, do you prefer other news readers?

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