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The best PC offers – PCWorld

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If you are thinking of buying a new PC, updating its components, or expanding its RAM or storage space, there are interesting offers that will save you money. Changing a component of your configuration, such as the SSD or the amount of RAM, can give you better performance. However, a new PC may come out cheaper.

The PCs tend to be systems that the user acquires coinciding with special offers such as the one without VAT, or offers of specific shops. Also the update of new generations of processors usually propitiate that PC appear with discounts of the most interesting to get rid of the possible stock.

In the case of PC components, such as graphics cards, RAM modules, as well as processors or CPUs, there are also discounts that are worth evaluating, beyond those usually presented with accessories such as mice, keyboards and headphones .

The best PC deals

Large sales tend to start and advertise in advance, with some offers that last even the whole month. That said, the time has come to start looking and thinking about the PC you really need and were waiting for.

Next, we wanted to gather the best PC deals that are currently active. Similarly, we wanted to indicate the places and shops on-line that you should not lose sight of based on the offers that you can find within the technology section.

PC Offers: Where to Search

Before browsing the offers, it should be clear that it is not necessary to have the latest in processors, graphics cards or RAM, even if you use the new PC to do your job.

Manufacturers usually do everything in their power to convince you that you need to update every year. Our recommendation is that you look for PC equipment and components from a few months ago and even a year ago, since they should be trained to deal with most of the more or less demanding tasks.

If what you think is to update certain components, plan which of them need to be changed and how much they cost normally, in order to make sure that those that may seem like an offer are not really.

Stores love to gain the discount price and for this they resort to certain practices such as indicating the reduction in price compared to the initial sale price of the product, rather than in comparison to the most recent price the product had .

If this takes time in the market, obviously its initial price will have varied over time. Do not be fooled by dubious discounts.

You can always check our list of the best products of the year according to our publication, in order to have a reference of the most interesting equipment and components.

The biggest discounts are usually associated with desktops and those called All-in-One or all in one (those in which the tower and the screen are integrated in the same unit).

If you are trained to build your own equipment or carry out extensions, it is an alternative that you should consider, opting for a tower that you can expand and not a closed system.