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The best app to watch free DTT on your mobile comes to Google Play

The best app to watch free DTT on your mobile comes to Google Play

TDTChannels is one of the best applications to watch DTT for free on our mobile. The application has been updated with minor improvements, but perhaps the most important is that it is finally available on Google Play, a great step forward for an application that is becoming more popular every day.

TDTChannels is updated and is now available on Google Play

Among the many applications to watch television on our mobile, TDTChannels seems to be one of the best alternatives. It is a 100% legal application, free and without any ads. However, it was an application that in order to download it was necessary to download the APK file.

Fortunately, Marc Vila, application developer, has taken a step forward and sAn excellent application is available on Google Play. If you already had the application, this change will help you to have it updated more easily. Similarly, if the reason you had not downloaded it was still not on Google Play, you have no excuse.

The application is simple and effective. Just open it and you will see all the DTT channels. Choose one and you will have several options to view it. The official link to the website of the channel, or the possibility of playing it in an internal player in the app.

The best app to watch TV on your Android and the most updated (APK)

In addition to DTT, the application also offers the same service to listen to the radio, an addition that is not too much.

Something we love about TDTChannels is its open and free nature. The application is available for free on Google Play, No ads or advertising.

The application is open source, reason for more to trust the excellent work of Marc Vila. All his work is published and available on GitHub, where the code is always available, as well as the different versions of the application in APK format.

If you want to download TDTChannels, you can also do it through Google Play.