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revealed new data of your multiplayer options

revealed new data of your multiplayer options

If you are one of those interested in the gaming platform Google Stadia, announced not long ago by the company of Mountain View, new data regarding their options multiplayer locally – and something else – have appeared. And, fortunately, these arrive directly from the firm led by Sundar Pichai.

The truth is that there was not much information about the games that could be enjoyed by several users at the same time, beyond the option. Therefore, the data that has been revealed is interesting since this is a section that has not been treated as a concrete form. What has been known about the local multiplayer when using Google Stadia comes from the official website of frequent questions, where new answers have been included before the doubts that some users transferred that they had.

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Thus, for example, there were doubts about the number of players that could participate in this type of games. And finally they will be four since this is the maximum number of drivers that may be associated with a Google Stadia account. Therefore, there will be adjustments in the developments that will allow split screen in the same number of independent parties. A good number, everything must be said, and that speaks well of the power of the platform. Obviously the games Traditional multiplayer will be available without changing the way they run regularly.

Google Stadia logo with remote

New details that have been known from Google Stadia

Apart from the important previous data regarding the multiplayer in local, in the new answers that have been published, they appear new information which are interesting regarding the gaming platform that Google has developed. They are the following:

  • Google Stadia remote: This can be used as a normal HID-compatible controller, so it may be possible to contact a computer for use (via a USB Type-C port). This, by the way, allows to solve specific moments in which this accessory does not work correctly in the event that the WiFi connection is not adequate.
  • Virtual reality: Without ruling out anything for the future, it has been reported that right now there is no intention of launching this type of games for the Mountain View company game platform. Come on, speculation is over.

Google Stadia

  • Games life time: Another good confirmation has come in this regard, as it has been reported that those you buy from Google Stadia will remain available even if the developer removes them from the market. This keeps the way stores act like Steam, and it's great news.

Finally, some points of access to Google Stadia Pro have been clarified. These have to do with the progress that are made in games and purchases accumulated As has been confirmed, none of this will be lost If the user unsubscribes and they will be waiting for him if he reactivates the premium option of this gaming platform.

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