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RedmiBook 14 be official tomorrow, these will be its characteristics

RedmiBook 14 be official tomorrow, these will be its characteristics

It has been confirmed that, apart from new high-end phones from Redmi, the Xiaomi sub-brand announce tomorrow itself your first laptop. We show the characteristics that the RedmiBook 14 to be economical and, it seems, quite light.

The truth is that every time it looks more like the way Xiaomi works with Redmi, which Huawei already offers with Honor. And the arrival of this laptop with operating system Windows 10 It only reaffirms this. The case is that all doubts that exist regarding their arrival have just been cleared due to the official publication of a pster in which it is confirmed that something more than a smartphone to be presented at the event that Redmi is scheduled for tomorrow, and the truth is not left to the imagination: to be the portable RedmiBook 14.

Pster announcement RedmiBook 14

It does not show much of the possible design that the team will have, but if there is something that seems quite clear: to be a cheaper version than the portable ones that Xiaomi already offers in the market, so that the way of acting that is already offered will be maintained With smartphones. By the way, the finish of this equipment be metallic, what is good news, and the dimensions amount to 309.6 x 210.9 x 14.8 mm – its weight being only 1.3 kilos-. Good news.

Other features of Xiaomi RedmiBook 14

This team, which we repeat to be presented on May 28, since in the pster you can read tomorrow there is more than one surprise, have a screen of 14 inch Everything aims to be IPS and with Full HD resolution. One of its most interesting details is that there will be up to three versions of RedmiBook 14, depending on the processor you use – all of Intel -: Core i3; Core i5; and, also, there is the option of choosing a Core i7 (This is the option that integrates a dedicated GeForce MX250 graphics card from Nvidia). That is, possibilities for all tastes and needs.

In what has to do with memory, the possibilities in relation to RAM will be 6 or 8 GB, so I do not make the leap until sixteen (which is restricted to the Xiaomi brand laptops). Storage, meanwhile, also comes in two capacities: 256 or 512 GB, always being SSD type and it remains to be seen if it is expandable in any way. Of the battery and autonomous, at the moment, nothing concrete is known about what to include the RedmiBook 14.

RedmiBook 14

There is no official data regarding its price, but the latest leaks indicate that the most economical model of the first Redmi laptop could be placed in some 400 euros as much. If so, we talk about an excellent quality / price ratio. What do you think of what has been known about this team to be officially announced tomorrow in China?

The RedmiBook 14, Xiaomi's new cheap notebook, is closer than ever