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reasons why you can go slow

reasons why you can go slow

Today, it is becoming easier to have a laptop with more than complete features. Thanks to the offers available on Amazon, we can get complete solutions at demolition prices. The problem is that, however powerful it may be, sometimes you Windows 10 laptop It goes slow. How to fix it?

There are many reasons why a computer Windows 10 laptop, or any other version of the Microsoft operating system, suffers from performance problems. The thing is, there are a good number of reasons why your device is slower than it should. Let's see the main solutions.


And if you have a virus in your laptop with Windows 10?

One of the main reasons why your laptop suffers from performance problems is that it has some type of malware. While it is true that Windows Defender is a really complete antivirus, you may have deactivated it for whatever reason, you have installed an application that you should not or that, for whatever reason, some friend of others has managed to dodge the system of protection integrated in Windows 10 to infect your device.

Is your Windows 10 computer infected? 3 highly recommended online antivirus

Luckily, the solution is really simple: use an antivirus to Clean your malware laptop. The best? There are some free solutions that you can use to see if your device is infected.

SSD hard drive

Problems with the hard disk: too many applications in the background, little space or problems in this component

We will assume that the problem is not a virus, therefore, it is very likely that performance problems have to do with your hard drive. We will see the main reasons why your disk slows down the performance of your laptop.

Close applications that run at startup

It is one of the most common reasons why your laptop is slow: you have too many open applications, which are running in the background, significantly slowing down the performance of your computer. Luckily, it has an easy solution. You just have to find out what applications slow down Windows 10 to deactivate them

Tricks to not despair when starting Windows 10

To do this, press the key combination Control + Alt + Delete. Now, choose the option Task Manager. Click on Ms details and look for the row Start. Note that, within the parameters offered by the interface, there is an option that puts Start ImpactThose that have a medium or high impact are the ones that slow down your computer the most. You just have to go marking them and click on the option To disable. Now, it will only run when you do it manually.

You have little space on your hard drive, or it is damaged

Here we enter the last possibility: either your hard drive is saturated with applications, or possibly damaged. As for the first option, if you have too many apps installed, They are probably slowing down your computer. Luckily, it is quite simple to clean to gain space on your laptop's hard drive to improve its performance.

Although, you may also have performance problems because your hard drive is damaged. This is a fairly possible option if you have an HDD with more than 5 years old. The best option? Bet on an SSD disk. In addition, this type of component offers excellent performance, so you gain in speed, improving the performance of your laptop with Windows 10.

And if we take into account that, for only 30 euros, you can have a Kingston SSD of 240 GB, more than enough to install the operating system and the programs and games that you use most, it is an excellent purchase to make your computer go faster.