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Instagram for computer: All functions available

Instagram upload photos browser

In its beginnings, Instagram was just an application for mobile phones (Android and iOS). Although over time, work began on the computer version of it. Now, we can also use the social network from our computer, where we can do more and more things, something that can be useful for many users.

In this computer version we have to differentiate a couple of versions again, since it is possible to use Instagram in the browser on your computer. But for a while, it is also possible Download the application on a Windows 10 computer. This allows us to carry out certain actions.

Thanks to these two versions of the social network it is possible to carry out certain actions, which in the past were only reserved for the smartphone version. Because, It is good to know the possibilities they give us, in case on occasion you have to make use of them. Especially for professional accounts on Instagram can be a good help.

Instagram in the browser

The first option we have available is to use the social network in the browser. To do this, we just have to enter this link, where we will have to log in to our account below. By doing this we are already in our account, where we will be able to carry out a series of actions. This version has the star function of being able to upload photos to the account at all times, something that is certainly of interest to many users.

Upload photos from the browser

Instagram upload photos browser

If you want upload photos to your Instagram account using the version in the browser, it is possible. The steps for this are not complicated, although it is convenient to know that in this version we do not have the possibility to use filters in the photos. We cannot edit this photo, apart from changing the size. So if you were thinking of using a certain filter or effect, it has to be modified before uploading on the web, using some additional program. The steps to follow are:

  • Enter Instagram from the browser
  • Access your profile
  • Click on the icon of a camera with a + symbol (located above the number of followers)
  • Choose the desired option (upload photo in profile or create a story)
  • Search and select the photo on the computer
  • Modify its size
  • Add the text and hashtags to use
  • Click on accept

With these steps a photo has been uploaded to your account on the social network from the computer. The process is simple, although it has certain limitations by not allowing the photos to be edited before uploading them.

Follow accounts, give likes or comment

If we use Instagram in the browser, we can see the news feed in the same way as on the phone. This means that we can like in the photos that upload those accounts that we follow (by double clicking on them or by clicking on the heart icon). It is also allowed to leave comments on them, in addition to being able to follow new accounts that we have seen that interest us. All these actions are carried out in the same way as in Android.

Edit Profile

ANDIt's possible that we want to modify profile information at some point, like adding a website or changing the biography we show on Instagram. This is something that is also possible from the computer version of the social network. You just have to enter the profile in the account and click on the edit profile button, where it will be possible to modify the information deemed necessary to change. When changes have been made, just press the blue submit button.

Delete account

Delete Instagram account

As we have shown you before, if at a given time we want to delete our Instagram account, we have to use the computer version for it. The social network only allows you to do it using this method. We only have to enter this link, where you can proceed to the removal of said account. You are asked to enter some reason why the account in question is deleted. Once this reason is selected, just click on the delete account button at the bottom of that page. This means that the account ceases to exist and all its contents are lost.

Instagram for Windows 10

For some time now, we can download Instagram on a computer for Windows 10, so that we will use it in the same way that we use the application on Android. This version allows us to perform some action that is not possible to do in the browser version. Although in general it is a fairly basic version, which still lacks enough to improve and be fully functional.

The first thing we will have to do is download the application to the computer. It can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store, something we can do from this link. There you just have to click on the blue get button and it will take us to the store, so that we can finish the download. Once installed, we just have to log in to the account, using the same username and password as always.

Send direct messages

Instagram Windows 10 direct messages

The most important function we can perform in this version of Instagram is to send direct messages. Unfortunately, the browser version of the social network does not have this possibility, something that users demand. For this, we have to resort to this version, where it is possible to send messages. In addition, all messages sent in it are synchronized with the Android account.