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How to use PC games on Android phones and tablets

How to use PC games on Android phones and tablets

Surely on more than one occasion you have thought that it will be an excellent option to enjoy the games what do you have in it computer on your phone or tablet that use the operating system Android. Well, this is possible thanks to an application that exists in the Play Store.

As it is logical to think, the current hardware that includes the terminals with Android operating system are not able to execute the most powerful titles that exist for PC, such as those that demand a great capacity of management in what has to do with the three-dimensional graphics. Therefore, the best way to achieve this is to use a tool that allows you to enjoy the game running on your computer on your phone or tablet. That is, perform streaming direct.

Do you want to use Android games in Windows 10? We tell you how to get it

This is exactly what allows you to do Remotr Game Streaming, a free development that is downloaded from the Google Play Store, which ensures good quality and reliability (requirements are low: Android 4.1 or higher; just over 15 MB of free space; and, yes, the more powerful the terminal, the better experience you will have). This development offers options such as the management of the controls and, in addition, does not have an excessively high delay when enjoying the different titles. By the way, as it is logical to think, it is necessary to have your own client on the computer so that the transmission is effective and everything works correctly. These are the download links:

Remotr Game Streaming

Remotr Game Streaming

Download Remotr Game Streaming for Windows

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Using Remotr Game Streaming for Android

To the surprise of many, simplicity is the predominant note in this development, since in the vast majority of occasions simply with run the computer client and then simply do the same with the Android no, it is not necessary to do anything more than enjoy the game – as long as you have WiFi connection available, since Internet access is necessary. By the way, it is possible to use this application on Smart TV with Android TV operating system, which is sure that more than one seems an excellent option.

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Inside the development there are interesting options, such as the one already mentioned to manage the controls, but there are some more: customization of the image that is seen; possibility of adjust performance; title support multiplayer; etc. By the way, there is also a store Inside Remotr Game Streaming for Android that allows you to get add-ons that optimize actions – and also allow you to customize the development. Of course, the management of almost everything is done with the PC client, so you must be fluent with this as it is essential.