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Features of this new game for iOS and Android

Features of this new game for iOS and Android

Nintendo not to press the market for games for mobile devices. An example is that the arrival of another title has just been announced in which the Pokmon creatures are the protagonists (it seems that the Japanese company maintains the edge of this franchise). We show what it offers Pokmon Masters.

This new title is a collaboration between two companies that have already shown that they know how to bring to fruition the games they launch: The Pokemon Company and DeNA. Therefore, you have to expect good things for the new job that has been confirmed to reach both the operating system iOS as for Android. This ensures that 100% of the current mobile device market is covered in terms of compatibility (and, in addition, great requirements are not expected to be able to run Pokmon Masters which is good news).

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The action of the game is based on the battles, so it is basic to control the action of the Pokmon when it comes to fighting (both for the abilities that each of them has as for the characteristics they offer in resistance and defense). These are from three against three, and all the best-known characters in the universe created by Nintendo will be present – such as Pikachu, Misty or Blue. By the way, the clashes are in real time, and one of the attractions is that players can fight each other Upon reaching a certain level.

Pokmon Masters game with Pikachu

How will the fighting be in Pokmon Masters

One of the creatures that take to be the leader in Pokmon Masters, being the other two associates of this – and will be the ones that can be changed to start the battles. The way to perform Actions with each of the characters aims to be completely different to what has been seen to date by the existing combination options, and this can be really attractive since players have never used a game of this type (so we talk about something brand new and not of an adaptation). We sincerely believe that this is good news.

Battlefield at Pokmon Masters

The entire game is located in the Pasio Island, a new region, so here there will also be news. In this way both in the setting; going through the battlefields; and even, in the funds and houses be new in Pokmon Masters.

Isla Pasio at Pokmon Masters

Availability of Pokmon Masters

A concrete launch date has not been confirmed – something that we will indicate at the same time that we know this data – but I have indicated that it should be this same summer when the game arrives for both iOS and Android. Development be translated to Spanish and be gratuitous (With purchases inside Pokmon Masters as it has already become common in developments for mobile devices).

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